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MailX will push your mail directly on your phone using your normal system of messaging.
Last Update:April 29th 2005
User Rating:5.00
License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
Requirements:300kb of RAM
ID's:HID: 151138, AAID: 3609

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Bitween S.r.l. Launches Push E-Mail Solution for Nokia the Nokia 9500 Communicator and the Nokia 9300 s

Milan, Italy, Jan. 215, 2005 ? Today BiTween S.r.l. announced the launch of MailX Personal Edition (PE) 
and MailX Enterprise server solutions, a push e-mail solution for the Nokia 9500 Communicator and for 
the soon shortly to be recently released for Nokia 9300 Smartphonesmart phone Communicators. During 1st
quarter 2005 the client will be also available for S60the Series 60 devices. With the launch of MailX PE,
BiTween provides mobile professionals and enterprises with an easy solution to help manage their 
information and communications while on the go. 
MailX PE push email solution, using 128-bit encryption, securely allowing users and enterprises to 
automatically receive emails from multiple accounts and displays them within the standard email client.
MailX PE takes only a few minutes to set up and works with both IMAP and POP email accountsprotocols and
also support SSL connections. 
?MailX PE push email solution provides convenience and efficiency for a growing lass of mobile users,? 
said Roberto la Ragione, Manager International Software, BiTween S.r.l. ?With the support for the Nokia
S80 devices Communicators (9500 and 9300) 9500 Communicator and the Nokia 9300 we can provide this 
technology to millions the vast base of Nokia customers around the world.? 
This forme Bitween solution of email communication allows for faster and more dynamic integration while
keeping costs to on a reasonable level minimum. With the support for multiple email accounts, MailX PE
allows Nokia customers to have increased personalization and choice. The advanced MailX PE engine reduces
the amount of data needed when checking for new emails, saving customers time and money. 
5 minutes and you are connected ? MailX PE can push your email to your Nokia phone and provide seamless
integration with your messaging client. The email solution allows Nokia Communicator devices customers to
automatically retrieve mails from their account and be notified when mail arrives.
?Remote email access is a critical application for mobile professionals and it’s great to see BiTween 
bring value and innovation to the customers of the Nokia 9500 Communicator phones and the Nokia 9300 smart
phone,? said Customers who have tested application already. Cristina Pallotti, Product Marketing Manager
for Nokia Enterprise Solutions Italy spokesperson. ?BiTween’s MailX PE and Enterprise solution push email
solution complements the power and extensibility of Nokia Series 80 devices providing a great alternatives
for the mobile workers and for the small and medium enterprises. We plan to have MailX client trial in the
Nokia 9500 and the Nokia 9300 sold in Italy as we see a way to enjoy even more the great opportunities 
that these devices provide?

MailX PE and Enterprise supports the following key technology scenarios on Nokia S80Communicator phone:

* Save your money. MailX PE will download your messages headers or attachment (defined into your
messaging system) locally on the phone and you will be notified on when they arrive.

* Multiple accounts: With the one-year subscription, customers/enterprises can setup as many accounts
as they want.

* Transparent MailX PE does not use an extra messaging client to store email, it leverages the phone’s 
client so there is no need to sync or move E-mail.

* Secure: 128 bit encryption Arc four ciphering is utilized on the protocols between client and MailX 
PE servers.

* Multiple connections: MailX PE can be used in Bluetooth mode, Wi-Fi, GPRS or Edge connections. 
Customers can choose the connection or use the default connection.

* You got mail!! Yes this is one of the thousand ring tones predefined to the phone configurable in 
MailX PE to notify customers users of email or you can even recieve the message via notification SMS.

* Save Battery MailX PE operates in the background and is extremely energy efficient?it does not drain 
the battery while operating in the background.

* Boot your MailX PE when you turn on device. MailX PE can automatically make the connection without 
asking and automatically starts on boot up.

* Working hours Customers Users can select the intervals when the MailX PE will retrieve emails.

* Profiles MailX PE automatically recognize customer profiles, so if a usercustomer profile is switched
to silent, MailX PE automatically sets the notification to silent.

* Save money in future updates: MailX PE is a one-year subscription and includes all updates of the 
application as well as future features.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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