Legacy: Land of Despair (S80)


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Land of Despair, a new addon for Legacy. Are you ready to explore this complete new world, full of new quests and a breathtaking story?
Last Update:August 16th 2006
Author:StarFish Design & Gamestudio
User Rating:0.00
License:No key required
Requirements:Symbian OS with Legacy 1.05 installed<BR>AddOn also works on WindowsMobile/Palm/WindowsPC versions
ID's:HID: 193332, AAID: 15602

Author's Description

Land of Despair

Land of Despair is an addon for Redshift's powerful RPG LEGACY.

The story takes place in a parallel world, which can be accessed through the teleporter in the Town of Decrantes.

You should choose your party in the Town of Decrantes, the Land of Despair is a bit hard to play for beginners. After choosing the right party make some exercises in the cellars and caves around the Town of Decrantes. Afterwards you can enter the teleporter... you'll arrive in the Forest of Despair.

The Forest of Despair leads to an old Graveyard and the Village of the Condemned - where the whole story starts... a huge epidemic, Zombies,... a fascinating story!

Land of Despair comes with 12 levels, two different skills and therefor enemies between level 1/8 and 7/25 as well as 10 quests (some solutions are spread over the levels). You can access the easy one through the teleporter in Decrantes and the hard one in Grendel Moore - so everyone can play! Be prepared!

If you have questions regarding this product, just contact the developer clicking the Support-Link above.
(Screenshots are from Symbian S60, Palm and PocketPC)

Compatible Devices

Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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