Legacy (9500) The Lespasian War (Expansion)


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As a king captured in battle by the warlike Lespasians, fight, scheme, and smart your way home so you can return at the head of a victorious army!
Last Update:July 1st 2005
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ID's:HID: 168250, AAID: 2380

Author's Description

What will your people think when they learn that their King has been captured after a disastrous battle? How long will it be before their morale crumbles and they submit to the harsh rule of the Lespasians?

The metallic clank of a key unlocking the iron door of your prison cell quickly pushes these ominous ruminations from your mind. A man dressed as a guard bursts into the room: " Hurry, hurry! You will have only one chance to escape and this is it!"

So begins your arduous escape from Lespas and your long odyssey home, a journey that will take you through cities, swampland, ancient ruins, a famous church, a rock quarry, the Arena, a zoo and more!

--For Levels 15-25 (recommended: at least level 20)
--Connects to the Grendelmoore Teleporter
--Huge world
--Tons of quests

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