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It helps you to keep track your Weight with date,time and Personal. Physician, Medicine and food details. Statistical Comparison,Graph,SMS and email data export with searching and
Last Update:October 23rd 2009
Author:Infodev Technologies
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Requirements:Works well with all Java enabled Mobile
ID's:HID: 259125, AAID: 26237

Author's Description

Infodev Weight Tracker is a User-friendly Tracking tool to keep track your Personal and Family Weight History. It will manage and automate every aspect of your Health. It includes Physician Information, Medicine, Food Planning and Weight information and much more. If you love your Family, Weight Tracker offers a great way to keep everyone Healthy in your family.

Infodev Weight Tracker Pro is a complete health care tool for every person in your family, which is essential for all to keep track their Weight history. By assessment of your health history, you can improve your health and fitness;

Infodev Weight Tracker tracks Weight details with respect to month, date and time. Any number of Weight details can be added for a particular day. Detailed Statistics are provided to compare the weight and carbs with respect to date. Three Splendid Date Tracking options, with which Weight details can be tracked by Month, Date and between dates. Statistical Comparison can also be tracked with the three date tracking options. Food Planning, Medicine and physician details for reference. Bar Graph for comparison. SMS and email data export for print out.

A Complete Health Care Utility.
Personal detials:
" Any number of personal details can be added with user''s choice.
" Kg and Lbs units.
" Simple way to Edit and Delete the personal details.
" Names are displayed in a sorted format.
" Attractive search option, with which, names can be searched just by entering the starting letter, name or word.

Weight Tracker:
" Tracks details about weight and carbs with respect to Date & Time.
" Notes & comments Details are provided for each Weight entry.
" Details of all Weight readings can be tracked and viewed in Report format.
" Great Options for Editing and Deleting.
" Any number of Weight details can be added with respect to date and time.
" Any number of Weight details can be added for a particular day.
" Great options for selecting weight,events and comments values.
" Weight details are sorted by date.
" Reminder with alarm.
" Weight Graph for comparison.Supports Kg and Lbs
" Physician, Medical and Food details.
" SMS and email data export (required GPRS data connection).
" Physician Information as the name implies, stores the complete information about doctors ranging from address to fees.
" Medicine Information will uphold name of medication with physician, date and time details.
" Food information will store the details about food type, comments, and notes details.

This powerful Weight tracker will keep record more than one person, in fact as many as you like.

Professionally and newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.

Key Features:
Weight Tracker features include:- 1. Simple and Easy to use.
2. Easy data entry.
3. Professionally and newly designed user-interface.
4. Every data is stored in a sorted format.
5. Three finest Date Tracking options.
6. Any number of sub-details can be added for a particular person.
7. Statistical analysis of Weight details.
8. Bar graph for comparison.
9. Reminder with alarm.
10 Physician, Medical and Food details.
11. SMS and email data export (required GPRS data connection).

All the detail and historical information is right in your hand and only a stylus point away. Remember it''s for you!!!!!

And rest you feel by your self...

Try this time saving utility right now and be healthier forever!

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