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Health Calculator for NOKIA is tools make easy for you to use check and diagnose your health measurements.
Last Update:February 5th 2004
Author:TA Cybernetic Solutions
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Author's Description

Health Calculator for NOKIA is tools make easy for you to use check and diagnose your health measurements to reliably assess and improve your health and fitness.
Health Calculator is utilities, including:
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Ideal Body Weight
  • Basal Metabolism Rate
  • Body Surface Area
  • Highest Healthy Weight
  • Lowest Healthy Weight
  • Calories Requirement
  • Weight loss to get to healthy

    Body Mass Index(BMI): Calculates body fat according to the relationship of weight and height. A low BMI may indicate underweight and may be associated with health problems for some people.
    Body Fat Percentage(BFP):This is the percentage of your body that is fatty tissue. The body needs fat cells to store energy, but researchers at the National Institutes of Health report that people with high percentages of body fat have an increased risk of diabetes, elevated blood cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.
    Body Surface Area(BSA):The surface area method relates the patient's fluid and electrolyte needs to their body's surface area.
    Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR): Body burns calories all day long. This wizard tells you how many, so you can make better diet and nutrition decisions.
    Calories Requirement: Provide information for weight maintenance. This is based on the information you provide (height, weight, age, and activity level). If you are overweight or underweight the calculation may be high or may be low. You can choose a healthy weight for yourself and use that weight in the calculation.
    Ideal Weight:Based on your height, gender, build and age, this formula advises you on your best weight range.
  • Compatible Devices

    Nokia 3600, Nokia 3650, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia Series 60

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