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File manager for Series 60 smartphones. You can browse all drives, files and folders on your Nokia Series 60 smartphone.
Last Update:April 15th 2005
User Rating:5.00
License:No key required
ID's:HID: 45598, AAID: 3648

Author's Description

File manager for your Series 60 smartphone: Nokia 3650 / Nokia 6600/ Nokia 7650 / Nokia N-Gage.

Handy File is a file manager for Series 60. With Handy File application you can browse all drives, files and folders on the phone. It gives you full control over the file system of your Nokia 3650 / Nokia 6600 / Nokia 7650 / Nokia N-Gage.

With Handy File you can:

  • Browse drives, folders, and files.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste files and folders.
  • Rename and delete files and folders.
  • Open files, view images, start applications, and play music files.
  • Create new folders.
  • Send files via Infrared, Bluetooth, MMS, and email.
  • View properties of drives, folders, and files.
  • Search for files.
  • Set shortcuts to jump to frequently used folders.
  • Sort files by name, size, date, and type.
  • Activate Infrared.

Handy File supports operations on multiple files in the standard way. You can mark several files by holding ABC key and pressing Up or Down. Then choose the action (for example, Options > Edit > Copy) and this action will be applied to all marked files (they will be copied to the Clipboard).

Handy File application is very easy to use and features stylish icons for all standard Nokia 3650 / Nokia 6600 / Nokia 7650 / Nokia N-Gage applications.

Handy File is written in C++, works very fast and is very small in size (only 60KB).

Handy File program interface is available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, and Turkish.


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Compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia N70, Nokia N72, Nokia N90, Nokia Series 60, Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800

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Launchers, Memory

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