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The personal assistant that reminds you of appointments, tasks on a day or a week and provides convenient access to applications, files and contacts.
Last Update:July 19th 2007
User Rating:1.50
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Symbian UIQ 3.0
ID's:HID: 190046, AAID: 14760

Author's Description

The 'for Symbian OS' logo means Handy Day for UIQ 3.0 by Epocware has been successfully tested in Symbian Signed. For more information visit www.symbiansigned.com.

You can order Handy Day for UIQ 3.0 as a part of Handy Tools Pro bundle. Handy Tools Pro is the suit of 6 "must have" applications for everyone: Handy Safe, Handy Day,Handy Weather, Handy Clock, Handy Converter and Handy Expense. Purchasing Handy Tools you save 32% and get the best utilities for your smartphone.

Handy Day for UIQ 3.0 smartphones is your personal assistant that is always with you. Day view and Week view give an overview of your appointments and tasks on a day or a week. Favorites view provides you quick and convenient access to applications, files and contacts.

You will never forget about daily appointments and tasks using Handy Day software. View information from Calendar and Tasks. You can move between Day view for different days using Jog Dial.

Take a look on your appointments and tasks for all 7 days of the current week. Have overview of your agenda and tasks for several days at a glance with Week View.

Turn your smartphone’''s screen into Desktop with Favorites. Place on it shortcuts to applications, files, URLs, contacts, and even calls and SMS.

Make your smartphone’''s usability more convenient. Create new items quicker in the main applications: Call, SMS, MMS, E-mail, Contact, Task, and etc due to New Menu. Manage your phone connections (Bluetooth, Infrared, WLAN, USB).

Supported languages:
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Compatible Devices

Motorola RIZR Z8, Sony Ericsson M600i, Sony Ericsson P1, Sony Ericsson P990, Sony Ericsson W950i

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