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Guitar Pitch Reference Tuner - 6 &12 string, bass + 11 open tunings. Accurate and easy to use tuning reference. Improve your pitch and tone recognition for guitar.
Last Update:April 30th 2011
Author:Madster Limited
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ID's:HID: 303765, AAID: 27221

Author's Description

Guitar Pitch Reference Tunings - 6 & 12 string, bass + Open tunings. Accurate and easy to use tuning reference. Helps to improve pitch recognition for guitar and improve your ear by tuning to pitch. 11 Open tunings - Rolling Stones, Dylan, Celtic, Hendrix / Zeppelin, Nick Drake and Stanley Jordan styles .. Open D, Open G, Low C, DADGAD, BEBEBE, Eb/D# , CGDFGD, CGDFCE, GGDGBD, All Fourths & Open D6

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