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Josh the Squirrel was kidnapped!!! Let him escape all levels and catch as many acorns as you can to gain extra time. Two game modes available, 'normal', and 'time attack'.
Last Update:May 15th 2006
Author:mobiDEOS, Inc.
User Rating:0.00
License:No key required
ID's:HID: 188814, AAID: 14039

Author's Description

Josh the Squirrel was kidnapped by Toxic Industry secret labs to be used as a guinea pig!!! To save this sweet squirrel, you must guide him through all the mazes between him and the exit. Try to escape from all levels and catch as many acorns as you can to gain extra time. To complete each level and go to the next one, you must reach the sign "GOAL" and avoid flying out from the maze. Two game modes available (the second being available when you finish the first at least once): 'normal', in which you must reach the exit from a level to the next one, and 'time attack', in which you must complete the level while trying to improve the best time. You earn a gold medal for each best time beaten; moreover, when you collect all the gold medals, you unlock the secret TURBO difficulty level! Spectacular real 3d graphics and audio digital effects for a unique gaming experience.

Compatible Devices

Nokia N70

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