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NEW - Now includes GPS plus Scoring, Shot tracking, Sidegames, Statistics, and 24,000+ Signature courses all-in-one.
Last Update:July 23rd 2007
Author:IntelliGolf, Inc. powered by Handango
User Rating:5.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Nokia-based Java (MIDP 2.0) Smartphone with CDLC 1.1 (Bluetooth) support.
ID's:HID: 210594, AAID: 22152

Author's Description

Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf® just got better. The IntelliGolf Eagle edition / OTA version 9.x software now includes support for GPS, Bluetooth, and all 6 S's of Golf. It's perfect for use on Nokia Series 60-based smartphones (e.g. E61/62/70-, N73, N75, N80-, N90-series, and others). Give it a try!

Use IntelliGolf to automate golf scoring and wagering on the golf course. View distances and track shots from tee-to-green with GPS accuracy. Evaluate performance statistics and graphs for an unlimited number of rounds, players and courses. IntelliGolf: Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software™ in 125+ countries worldwide!

IntelliGolf includes:

  • Scoring;
  • Shot tracking;
  • Satellite GPS;
  • Sidegame wagers;
  • Statistics and graphs, and
  • Signature courses (24,000+).

With the IntelliGolf Eagle edition / OTA (Over-the-Air) smartphone software, now you can wirelessly access and download any of our 24,000+ signature courses directly to your smartphone, for use with IntelliGolf. Round set-up is a breeze! Hole yardages, par ratings, hole handicaps, and GPS coordinates are all included for surveyed courses. Round set-up is simple. Plus, course downloads are FREE for IntelliGolf version 8.x users. Other companies charge up to $19.95 per course download or up to $59.95 per year in annual subscriptions fees. And, IntelliGolf courses are only 5Kb in size as compared to (up to) 400Kb in size for other products. IntelliGolf saves you time, money, and memory. It is no wonder that IntelliGolf is Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software!™

Smartphone Software

Use the IntelliGolf software to automate golf scoring for up to five players (i.e. fivesome) per Round. Track shots for every club including hybrids. Evaluate game-improving statistics and graphs. IntelliGolf will even add up your group's wagers using any of the included sidegames (e.g. skins, birdies, stablefords, etc).

The new IntelliGolf Eagle edition / OTA software includes the ability to view GPS distances from tee-to-green using industry-leading Bluetooth GPS receivers. With a compatible GPS receiver and your smartphone, IntelliGolf will provide you with GPS distances from any location on the hole to the 200, 150, 100 yard/meter markers, to the front, center, and back of the Green, and up to three (3) custom fairway locations (e.g. dog-leg) for GPS-surveyed courses. Club selection has never been easier. Even if your favorite course(s) hasn't been GPS-surveyed yet, it is easy to do with IntelliGolf. Using our latest IntelliGPS® technology, simply select the Record button when you reach the markers and green locations listed above. IntelliGolf will record the GPS locations of these points for you. The next time you play the course, you'll see GPS distances to all of these locations from anywhere on the hole. There is no mapping or additional software required. It's easy with IntelliGolf.

The IntelliGolf smartphone software includes:

  • Golf scoring for five;
  • Thirty-five sidegames;
  • Shot tracking for all clubs;
  • Posting display with ESC;
  • Traditional and shotgun starts;
  • Embedded IntelliGPS technology;
  • Performance statistics and graphs;
  • Drive, approach, chip, and putt tracking;
  • Unlimited custom wagering options, and
  • ScorecardView™ display system.

IntelliGolf also includes the ability to enter your official USGA Handicap Index, EGA Index, Handicap, or approximate a handicap for you. Under license from the USGA®, IntelliGolf will convert your official Handicap Index to a Course Handicap based upon its Slope® rating. At the end of your Round, IntelliGolf will automatically compute your Adjusted Maximum Score for posting (USGA and RCGA). No more charts and tables. IntelliGolf does it for you!

IntelliGolf has been used by hundreds of thousands of golfers worldwide including college and high school teams, PGA, EGA, RCGA golf professionals and their caddies, and golfers like you. You can be confident that we will be there for you! Join golfers in 125+ countries worldwide that are using IntelliGolf to improve their game, increase their winnings, and have more fun on the golf course. IntelliGolf -- Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software!™ Get it today.

Note: The IntelliGolf Eagle OTA software includes the smartphone software, in .jar format, for loading directly on your smartphone. We plan on providing synchronization and IntelliGolf desktop functionality in the future with a reasonably priced upgrade path for our OTA customers :-).

Installation Instructions

For installation, please place the downloaded IntelliGolf .jar file (igeaglenkxxx.jar) onto your smartphone using either the phone's PC Suite (desktop) installation software of by saving it directly on your smartphone and using the phone provider's installation tool. Once IntelliGolf is installed, please visit to view our Quick Start instructions. They will show you how to download courses, enter players, and score your Rounds of golf. Note: If the .jar file extension gets changed to .zip during download, simply rename it to .jar and proceed as usual.

Compatible Devices

Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N90, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95

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