Eyewatch for Women

Eyewatch is an easy-to-use application for your personal safety, which gets installed on your mobile
Last Update:May 29th 2012
Author:Indian Eye Securities Pvt. Ltd.
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ID's:HID: 352796, AAID: 27620

Author's Description

Feeling insecure while walking alone? Now, enjoy independence without feeling helpless. Download Eyewatch on your mobile and stay connected to your loved ones whenever you need them. Especially designed to cater to women safety needs, Eyewatch is a FREE of cost application that will assist you in all your difficult situations. Features ?Turns your phone into your personal safety device ?Alerts your loved ones without attracting anyone?s attention ?Tracks your location even if you are inside a building or your GPS isn?t working ?Tracks your family when required in case of an emergency ?Confirms safety to your family without raising an SOS alert For more information on Eyewatch, visit www.eye-watch.in

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