Eyewatch for BPO Employees

Eyewatch is an easy-to-use application for your personal safety, which gets installed on your mobile
Last Update:June 27th 2012
Author:Indian Eye Securities Pvt. Ltd.
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License:No key required
Requirements:For Series 60 3rd Ed.
ID's:HID: 362324, AAID: 27680

Author's Description

In a globalised world, where consideration of fixed working slot and hours has been out of sight, employees safety has become the serious issue for many professionals especially women. Considering the grave concern of employees safety, Eyewatch comes handy as it keeps you connected to your colleagues, friends, and family all the time and intimate them if there is any emergency. ? Alerts your trusted contacts without drawing anyone?s attention ? Sends SOS Alerts even if you are connected to the GPRS ? Immediately captures audio-visuals information of the situation to share with your trusted contacts ? Confirms your safety without raising SOS alert Eyewatch aims to give you peace of mind while working and commuting alone during late nights. Download the app for free and stay connected to loved everytime, everywhere!!! For more information, visit www.eye-watch.in

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