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Once installed on your phone, Eyewatch can trigger multiple alerts via sms and email to your family doctor, lawyer, police agencies, calling your selected Emergency Contacts.
Last Update:March 9th 2012
Author:Indian Eye Securities Pvt. Ltd.
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ID's:HID: 329940, AAID: 27517

Author's Description

Eyewatch ? The ?No More Panic? button Eyewatch is an easy to use Emergency alert Application which can be installed on your mobile phone. Once installed on your phone, it can prove to be great tool in any emergency situation. The application can trigger emergency alert via SMS and Email to your trusted contacts instantly telling them of your emergency situation. The applications is also capable of tracking your location, recording an audio and video (Or Photos) of the situation automatically and displays this information to your trusted contacts on a secure webpage. The app automates the entire process of communication right from the gathering the data to transmitting it over to a secure web server to be viewed by the contacts and route help accordingly. It uses minimal resources and optimizes the use of enhanced features like GPRS, GPS, and 3G, to enable a user to pass on critical information in order to facilitate a prompt efficient response to any kind of emergency. The application comes handy and acts as a deterrent in such situations as Assault on Women, Road Rage, Accidents, Medical Emergency, Personal Security Threats.

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