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SOS Tracker turns you mobile phone into a GPS personal tracking and safety device. With GPS Tracking and Panic Button, SOS Tracker is your indispensible personal safety companion.
Last Update:June 1st 2009
Author:Enpronomics Solutions
User Rating:0.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Symbian OS S60 3rd edition
ID's:HID: 251587, AAID: 25388

Author's Description

Enpronomics SOS Tracker
SOS Tracker

Getting into an emergency doesn’t happen every day….but what if it happened…are you ready for it?

Will it be a car accident, an aggressor or a sudden medical issue?  May be you are an adventurer or a frequent traveler who may get into unexpected situations; Or you want to be there when your kids or old parents are in an emergency and need your help!!

You have your own mobile but will you able to quickly find the right person to dial , and call him/her..Moreover, will you be able to tell them where you are? Sometimes it happens you can’t even reach you phone, how will others know your location without you calling them!!!

What is SOS Tracker ?

SOS Tracker turns you mobile phone into a GPS personal tracking and safety device. With Panic Button, GPS Tracking, and Remote Request, SOS Tracker is your indispensable personal safety companion.

Why SOS Tracker?  
Single click activation:
Single click activation
  • A long press on the OK button is all what you need to initiate an SOS Request
  • You can initiate SOS Requests even when Key Lock is active
  • Covert activation doesn't put you at further risk
SOS Request :


SOS Reqeust

  • Send emergency SMS's with you GPS location to a selected number
  • Customize content of SMS to inform others what assistance is needed
  • Send SOS requests more than once to make sure others got your message
  • Have your own signature at the message and let others know who is sending
Here I’m request:
Here I'm Request
  • Let others know your location with the non-emergency "Here I’m" requests.
  • Keep track of your journey
  • Use it before entering into unsafe situations or places to let others know your last known position
Remote Request:
Remote Request
  • Send an SMS to an SOS Tracker user and SOS Tracker will automatically send you his/her GPS location
  • Suitable in situations such as locating lost kids, or elderly persons
  • Valuable for others to know your location in case you can't reach your phone to send an SOS Request
Full control over your privacy:
Full Privacy
  • Your location is known only when you send an SOS or a Here I'm request.
  • Only authorized persons will be able to request your location.
  • Remote reqeust can be set to off and you will be asked each time your location is requested

Compatible Devices

LG KS10, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110, Nokia 6120, Nokia 6290, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E63, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E71, Nokia E90, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Samsung i8510 INNOV8, Samsung SGH-i450, Samsung SGH-i520, Samsung SGH-i550, Samsung SGH-i560

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