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DiskCleaner is the first and only program that automatically cleans disks from different junk files
Last Update:January 25th 2005
Author:Denis Artemov
User Rating:0.00
License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
Requirements:1Mb of free ram
ID's:HID: 143784, AAID: 7526

Author's Description

Every Symbian OS user knows, that after uninstalling any application lots of junk files can still remain on your disks. Occupying disk space, they are never used by anybody, but can reduce system operation speed. Until the present days you should have to study disk content manually, file by file, to be sure if there are some junk files.

But today you are lucky!!! A new program has appeared! It allows to clean disks from different junk files automatically! The name of this program is DiskCleaner Pro!

DiskCleaner Pro searches for dead files in program catalogues and makes of them special list. You can modify this list, exclude from it those files, which you consider necessary to leave on disk. Then it is possible to delete all listed files, simultaneously or one after another.

Pro version also allows to create snapshots of disks and then compare snapshot with current disk's content. After comparison new files will be showed and may be deleted (it depends on user's decision).

Pro version helps you to keep your disks clean in easy way!

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Also available as a pack with SMSChat and TimePane.

Compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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