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Data Plus the powerful DBMS system. Including features like: View Manager, Powerful filters, Smart fields, Link to contacs app, Export/import wizard with easy user interface.
Last Update:July 19th 2002
Author:2K development
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License:No key required
Requirements:requires around 600 KB of available RAM
ID's:HID: 29799, AAID: 7555

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Data Plus for Nokia 9210/9290 Communicator

Data Plus, the powerful and easy to use data base management system for Nokia Communicators. Data Plus combines high power database engines with compression functionality and provides all this features in an intuitive and easy to use user interface.

Everything in one place
Data Plus allows you to store all tables in one database file. So it is easy to find your data because it is stored in one place. This Data Plus Master table also keeps attributes of your tables and stores description, services information like date and time of last synchronization with PC.

Easy to view and manage your data

One of the most important feedback we have got through customer surveys is the need for an customizable and quick view of the data stored on the Nokia Communicator and of course the easiest way to enter and manage your data. Data Plus offer three forms of displaying the records:

· The list view showing more records in one tine in the spreadsheet like grid
· The card view contain just one record on full screen
· The split view is combination of both list and card view: there is list of values of selected field in one part of the screen and the card displaying selected record in the second.

All three of kinds of view are fully equivalent in terms of functionality - you can perform exactly the same operations in them: edit, add, delete records, sort, filter, search them, as you need. If you want to display just a subset of the records which fit some condition or combination of conditions, Data Plus offer you filters - easy to manage and to combine.

View manager
Data Plus allows a widely customization of the views. After defining the preferred views save the settings under given name. Thus, you can create various ways how to display table data and quickly switch between them, as you need. The stored views settings are quickly and comfortable accessible through the "View manager".

Quick and comfortable search function

If you want to find some value in any field of the table, just start to write down it on the keyboard. The search dialog appears automatically… Then you can specify the search conditions more precisely, if you want (which field you want to search in, how to compare text fields). Data Plus allow you to search in any kind of field, not only in text fields, as usual in most of products.

Powerful filters
If you want to display just subset of record which fit some condition or combination of conditions, Data Plus offer you filters - easy way ho to do it. Variables in filters allow to create filter like "Shop = Amazon and Artist =?" where "?" represents variable value. When the filter is applied, Data Plus displays dialog window for entering the value.

Smart fields

Another advanced feature of Data Plus are the "Smart fields", special fields in database record which know its content and offer the appropriate actions, like create SMS or invoke phone call for "GSM phone" type of smart field…

Linking the contacts records

Data Plus allow to link Contacts application records into the Data Plus record. For example, if you would have invoices recorded in a Data Plus table, it can contain field called "Address" containing link to customer address stored in Contacts database.

Use Sheet for reports

Data Plus utilize also another Nokia standard application, the Sheet, to offer powerful reporting functionality. Any view can be exported to sheet file and then processed by Nokia Sheet functions - so it's easy to calculate sums, averages or whatever. The export takes all parameters from active view: filter (= subset of records from table), column set and column widths. You will get in the Sheet exact copy of what you had on the Data Plus screen. Easy, powerful and mobile.

Define precisely format of your data

You can specify not only the field type (text, number, date, memo etc.) when new table structure is created. Data Plus offers much more:

· Default value for the field
· Entry mask for text fields
· Automatically uppercase entered text value
· Choose color and font size for displaying the fields
· color to emphasize negative numbers
· etc.

Powerful export/import wizard
The data exchange with the "rest of world" is key! Data Plus offers unique export/import wizard which makes the complex task of saving or retrieving different data formats easy for everyone… The wizard guide you step by step through the process


Both, whole database and table can be protected by password. Also the access level to data can be limited on both level (for example, user can't add tables or change their structure or, on table level, the data could be read-only)

When you run the application first you have to register via SMS. This procedure usually takes less than a minute.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator

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Databases, Sales, Data Entry

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