CameraFX Pro Series 60


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CameraFX is a unique imaging tool for your phone which allows images to be captured and manipulated in real-time
Last Update:November 16th 2005
Author:WildPalm Ltd
User Rating:4.00
License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
Requirements:Requires 580Kb free memory
ID's:HID: 168680, AAID: 2574

Author's Description

New ! CameraFX Pro N90 Now Available for Nokia N90 phones!


10x Digital Zoom
Horizontal or Vertical Stretch
Nomal, Grey or Negative colour modes
Brightness & Contrast settings
Red, Green & Blue adjust
Flip Horizontal, Vertical or Both
Image Frames
Special FX - Mirror, DoubleMirror, Lens, Twist, Tracking, MultiScreen, SpaceCube, Kaleidoscope!
Capture images in low or high quality
High quality filtered zoom.
Save captured images to the PhotoAlbum, or send via IR, BT, Email and MMS
Load up an image stored in the PhotoAlbum and add effects before sending
Full on-line help
Free Trial

New in CameraFX Pro v2.5:
- New high-quality imaging capture - Images are captured in best quality available
- New Special FX - Outline & Polar Lens
- Brand New 3D FX - Perspective & PhotoMaze
- Support for front and back cameras, if available
- Support for camera flash, if available
- Full compatibility with latest Nokia Series 60 phones

New in CameraFX Pro v2.6:
- New Nokia N90 compatible version available
- New 'Highlight' Colour mode
- New translations


  • 10x Digital Zoom
  • Red, Green, Blue adjust

  • Grey, Inverse Colour modes
  • New 'Highlight' Colour mode
  • Brightness / Contrast adjust
  • User-defined colour profiles
  • e.g. Sepia, B&W
  • 'Nokia N90' compatibility


Additional Features

  • Image Stretch
  • Image Flip
  • Frames


Special FX

  • Mirror Image, Double Image
  • Lens, Outline, Twist
  • MultiScreen, Mosaic
  • Polar Lens, Kaleidoscope


3D Special FX

  • SpaceTube, SpaceCube, Prism
  • Tunnel, Perspective, PhotoMaze

All Special FX are produced in real-time on your phone!

Compatible Devices

Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Nokia Series 60

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