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Last Update:August 28th 2012
Author:Adaffix GmbH
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License:No key required
ID's:HID: 369845, AAID: 27721

Author's Description

? This award winning app automatically identifies incoming callers that are not in your contacts. It searches international directories and displays the name of the caller as the phone rings and after a missed call. ? 100% FREE Caller ID App, only network charges ? Top #1 in the "Top" Free" on Android Market for weeks ? Best worldwide covering Caller ID App =================================== ? MORE FEATURES ? ? Link the app with your Facebook account which allows you to see your realtime friends'' status and photo when they call. ? The app recommends other businesses in the same are if the business you call does not answer ? Reverse number search allows you to do a manual number-to-name search ? Update contacts adds additional data from directories (e.g. address) to your existing contacts ?Call blocker diverts calls from withheld numbers and numbers you define straight to your voicemail

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