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play this 5 in 1 Mega pack of brain squeezing games with on-line leader board.
Last Update:February 15th 2012
Author:Future soft
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ID's:HID: 332056, AAID: 27540

Author's Description

A 5 in 1 Mega pack of brain squeezing games & trainers. Compete and test yourself in 5 different areas such as speed, memory, logic, math & visual. Each of the trainers has 3 difficulty levels to allow you to transition from easy to hard when you are ready. Put your best efforts and get ranked up in the online global leader board. This intense and addictive game is matches with a funky & colorful look with cool animation and retro sounds effects. With this total package you will have hours of game play and fun while improving your overall skills.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia N97

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