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A game inspired from Beauty & Beast. Rice is a Basset Hound with a pure French origin. It has a charming figure, big nose...
Last Update:July 29th 2008
Author:MMMOOO Mobile
User Rating:0.00
License:No key required
ID's:HID: 227672, AAID: 22981

Author's Description

Rice is a Basset Hound with a pure French origin. It has a charming figure, big nose and long ears trailing on the floor. Its melancholy expression in its eyes moves all persons. Its master also treats it with warm heart and loves it very much. However, with full confidence, it decided to walk out, and do whatever it loves and wants at the age of 12. Come and join his journey now!


Press Up in the air to slip, but it is necessary to consume physical strength.
It is necessary to rescue five girls to pass the game at Level 1, 3 and 6.
Key description in the game menu
Left soft key: Confirm
Right soft key: Cancel

In the game:
Left soft key: Move back to menu
Right soft key: Pause
Direction Key Left/Right-Movement
Direction Key Up-Jump up
Key 1- Jump to left
Key3- Jump to right
Key2-Jump up
Key4-Move left
Key6-Move right
Press Key 5 in dialogue to page up/down

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Compatible Devices

LG KS10, Motorola RIZR Z8, Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110, Nokia 6120, Nokia E50, Nokia E65, Nokia E90, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Samsung G810, Samsung i8510 INNOV8, Samsung SGH-i450, Samsung SGH-i520, Samsung SGH-i550, Samsung SGH-i560, Samsung SGH-i570, Sony Ericsson M600i, Sony Ericsson P1, Sony Ericsson P990, Sony Ericsson W950i

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