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An illustrated Asthma Care Quick Study Guide. Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. FREE First Chapter in the trial.
Last Update:November 22nd 2007
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Author's Description

An illustrated Asthma Care Quick Study Guide. Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. FREE First Chapter in the trial.


Intended for everyone interested in asthma. No previous knowledge of medicine is necessary.


  • Asthma is explained in details.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of asthma is explained.
  • Breathing exercises are described.
  • Acupressure treatment for asthma is described.
  • Special sections on first aid in asthma.
  • Illustrated human anatomy chapter.
  • Always have the guide available for a quick reference.
  • Consult the guide during an emergency or read it at leisure.
  • Search for the words or phrases
  • Navigate from Table of Contents or read page by page
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Text annotation and mark-up
  • Automatic synchronization between the handheld and the desktop PC. You could read half of the book on the handheld, then finish reading on the desktop. Annotations and drawings are also synchronized.

Table of Contents

Asthma: Introduction | History | Epidemiology | Causes | Prognosis

Diagnosis: Signs and symptoms | Diagnosis | Differential diagnosis

Medical tests: Spirometry | Metacholine challenge test | Peak flow meter | Wheezing | Rhonchi

Pathophysiology: Bronchoconstriction | Bronchial inflammation | Pathogenesis | Sleep apnea

Treatment: Introduction | Relief medication | Prevention medication | Long-acting β2-agonists | Emergency treatment | Nebulizer | Alternative and complementary medicine | Asthma Diary | Acupressure

Breathing exercises: Controlled Study | Buteyko Method | Strelnikova Method

Medications: Bronchodilator | Anticholinergics | Beta2-adrenergic receptor agonists | Leukotriene receptor antagonists | Xanthines | Mast cell stabilizers | Antitussive | Antihistamine
Prednisone | Dexamethasone
: Aspirin | Ibuprofen

First Aid: Anaphylaxis (constriction of airways) | Asthma | First Aid Techniques | World-wide Emergency Telephone Numbers

Anatomy and physiology of Respiratory System: Introduction | Nose | Nasal cavity | Trachea | Lungs | Conducting zone | Respiratory zone


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