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Always-On Mail automatically delivers your internet emails to your mobile phone.
Last Update:March 29th 2005
User Rating:4.66
License:No key required
Requirements:Mobile Internet Connectivity
ID's:HID: 153207, AAID: 4654

Author's Description

Includes one year of Always-On Mail service*

Introduction to Always-On Mail Internet Edition

Always-On Mail Internet Edition extends access to Internet email to smartphones quickly, easily, securely and very affordably. It delivers all the benefits of real-time messaging with a very comfortable user experience and on-the-spot activation and installation.

The real-time push technology, previously only available for high-end corporate users is now available for internet email users to receive POP3, IMAP4 and webmail e-mail on their mobile devices without complicated procedures. All technical details, including wireless connectivity, security and program updates, are transparent. With real-time push technology, there's no need for synchronization, no delays in getting the latest information and acting on it. Users can take e-mail functions for granted - and take them anywhere to use anytime, online or offline. Sending and receiving attachments, including megapixel images and office documentation is now easy!


Always-On Mail enables you to manage your email via your smartphone, in real-time, wherever you may be.

  • View messages in real-time, receive data on smartphone and desktop simultaneously
  • Display read/unread status, sender, subject and received date
  • Sort mail list by sender or received date
  • Delete, reply to sender, reply to all, or forward a message
  • All actions mirrored to desktop view in real-time, over the air
  • Display and edit original message on replying or forwarding
  • Apply basic text edit clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • Receive attachments in native format, e.g. JPG, GIF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
  • View, save, edit and send attachments as if at a desktop
  • Truncated text and attachments rapidly downloaded, when requested, in the background
  • Identify and add addressees from contacts list
  • Resolve incomplete email addresses using Contacts
  • Save messages to drafts folder


Always-On Mail is as simple as switching the devices on. The software handles all communication issues automatically.

  • Alerts as new mail is received; no need to poll for new messages
  • Work on or offline; no need to remain in constant mobile coverage
  • Network connections established and maintained automatically
  • Full real-time, bi-directional synchronisation over the air
  • Option to remotely suspend the service temporarily
  • Data compression, typically 2:1 size reduction, reducing the cost of GPRS traffic


More Information

To receive further information on Always-On Mail or to trial Enterprise Edition for corporate deployment please contact your local authorised reseller.

*Always-On Mail service provides the Always-On wireless connectivity. Always-On Mail service will be activated and charged on a yearly basis. By buying the service above, you will be entitled to one year of Always-On Mail service. When the subscription expires, renew in order to continue using Always-On Mail.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 7610, Nokia 9210 Communicator

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Email, Synchronization

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