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This program suites your P800/P900: this stuff should be standard in your phone!
Last Update:December 18th 2004
Author:EasySoft Software
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License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
Requirements:300 kb
ID's:HID: 128150, AAID: 5721

Author's Description

This program suites your P800/P900: this stuff should be standard in your phone! All utilitys you find on thsi site (also software like the HANDY software!) in just ONE PROGRAM!! With this program you do not have to switch between applications, you can manage everything with this tool in a glance and much more! Just give it a look. Unregistered users can use the program 10 times. * AllInOne has the following modules: -Alarm, daily alarm and quicktimer -*Bloodgroup diet, to find out if some foodproducts match your bloodgroup (wich food is healthy for you, wich is normal and wich you should avoid) -*Biorythm, to calculate your plus or minus days -*Databases, to create databases, 7 fields, multi functions (you should also look for EveryDayBase) -*Dictionarys. Registered users have access to 7 languages: Dutch English French German Spanish Portugees and Italian!!! -*Calculator -Camera -*Clipboardmanager (ClipBoardManagerPro*), to manage the clipboard. Clipboardmanager copies all copied data from all applications and keeps track of it, store them in a database for later access. -Contactmanager (copy contacts of intern memory to the Telephonebook of Advance) -Diary (with additional personal diary) -*Explorer (FilemanagerPro*) to manage your files much more functionality then the filemanager of the P900 -*Lingo with three languages and the possibility to add and modify the list -Moonphases -Memo database -Messenger, manage your SMS from here -*PasswordKeeper to keep track of your secret data such as crerditcards etc. -*Recipes, manage yoru recipes on the road -Scratchpad (jottter, much easier) -Spreadsheet, simple spreadsheet. Only sum and multiply functions -Stopwatch -Telephonebook. Verry handsome to copy the internal contacts to this database. Immediatly call them from AllInOne! -Unitconverter Registered users will be served to import the data of a MDB base, DBaseIII or DBaseIV, Excel to AdvancePro for free! * this modules are also seperated as standaloneprograms. Look at If you have suggestions or questions do not hestitate to email us: Regards, The developerteam of EasySoft Software.\advance

Compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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Databases, Address Book, Launchers

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