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MORE THAN 50% OFF NOW! Take control of your incoming calls. ACM enables you to set different actions for the groups you have defined - you can accept, reject, divert calls, etc.
Last Update:December 16th 2008
Author:WebGate JSC
User Rating:4.66
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:SE UIQ3 device
ID's:HID: 190532, AAID: 15073

Author's Description

Advanced Call Manager for Sony Ericsson UIQ3

(Sony Ericsson G700/G900/M600/P1/P1i/P990/P990i/W950/W960)

Take control of your incoming calls!

You are busy, constantly in important meetings and discussions and your mobile is always ringing in a bad moment? All you need is the Advanced Call Manager. It will handle the incoming calls for you and will personalize your approach to the callers - drop the call, send a kind SMS, divert calls or mute the ringer.

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Important Advantage

Advanced Call Manager unique feature is the ultra-fast recognition of remote callers which allows personalized replies (SMS, mute, reject, accept, divert) to be attributed within a part of a second leaving the caller unaware of your current availability. The application rich functionality makes it a very convenient tool for any manager as it saves time by taking over the management of your incoming calls when you are too busy to do it by yourself.


With Advanced Call Manager you can organize your phone book into custom lists like Black (people you don't like to disturb you), White list (important people which are "allowed" to call you) or any other custom lists (a very special custom group could be your family to which you can wish to send a personal SMS if somebody calls you during a meeting). The application enables you to set different actions for the groups you have defined - you can accept, reject, divert calls, mute the phone ringer or send personalized SMS. In SMS templates you can set special messages for each group very easily.

The Advanced Call Manager lets you tune your mobile into several modes:

  • Accept all calls (inactive)
  • Reject all calls
  • Accept Phonebook only
  • Reject from black list (you have to define the list in advance)
  • Accept from white list (you have to define the list in advance)
  • Reject all personal (e.g. send SMS to your wife or girlfriend if she calls)

Additionally you can specify:

  • Reject hidden callers (you can avoid people whose numbers cannot be retrieved)
  • Accept hidden callers

For reject-call actions you can choose to:

  • Drop
  • Reply by SMS
  • Mute the ringer
  • Divert calls

Main product features

  • Ultra fast searching algorithm recognizes the remote caller within a part of the second
  • Convenient management of all incoming calls
  • Auto run at power-on
  • Tight integration with the contacts from the phone book 
  • Configurations (profiles) management: You can save/load your current ACM configuration. Configuration includes your active mode, hidden callers mode and the default action.
  • Configurations schedule: You can schedule your custom configuration according to specified time.
  • Configurations localization: You can localize your custom configuration according to your current Cell Id.
  • Unicode support (Chinese, Cyrillic etc.) for the SMS templates and messages.

Registration Information

Trial version of the software is limited to 30 incoming calls. The full version of the software is unlocked by a license file provided upon purchase. The license file is based on the unique IMEI provided and the application can be used exclusively on the machine it is licensed for. The license cannot be retrieved and applied to other devices.

User Manual

Detailed user manual is available at:

Compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson M600i, Sony Ericsson P1, Sony Ericsson P990, Sony Ericsson W950i

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