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The beautiful calculator for all kind of calculations!
Last Update:October 2nd 2006
Author:Rock Your Mobile!
User Rating:0.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Works on Sony Ericsson M660i and P990
ID's:HID: 193259, AAID: 15572

Author's Description

Abakus is a beautiful calculator for basic, engineering and business calculations on UIQ 3 powered Sony Ericsson Smartphones.

Abakus application operates in four modus:

  • Simple calculator
  • Engineering calculator
  • Unit converter
  • Mortgage calculator

    Simple calculator : a calculator with decimal characters that allows user to make simple arithmetical operations, also using Memory function.

    Engineering calculator: a calculator with 32 decimal and alpha characters that allows the user to make difficult engineering calculations. The most common modes and most used mathematical functions can be calculated here.

    Unit converter: allows the user to convert units within the selected group. There are 17 groups of units, every group has from 4 to 40 units that can be converted into each other.

    Mortgage calculator: allows the user to calculate the mortgage based on the loan amount, loan term, interest, annual tax and annual insurance.

  • Compatible Devices

    Sony Ericsson P990

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