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ABBYY FotoTranslate German version translates words with a single button push, you don't need to type unknown foreign words by hand.
Last Update:February 24th 2010
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License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Symbian S60(v9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4), 246 MB, 2 mega pixels or more with autofocus
ID's:HID: 266218, AAID: 26493

Author's Description

ABBYY FotoTranslate is an innovative solution for travel and business trips.

Translate words with a single button push, wherever you are - you don't need to type unknown foreign words by hand. The program automatically recognizes the words taken on the camera of your smartphone and shows the translation.

ABBYY FotoTranslate German version offering translation from German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian to English.

Snap a foreign word - get an instant translation!

ABBYY FotoTranslate ABBYY FotoTranslate

Key features:

  • Easy information input

  • No Internet or mobile network connection is required

  • Quick and accurate word translation

  • Up-to-date high-quality dictionaries

  • Audio pronunciations by professional speakers of translated keywords

  • Auto and manual corrections

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface

    • NOTE: internet connection on device required for activation.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia E71, Nokia E90, Nokia N73, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Nokia N97

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