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Phone Wallet Series 60.3 v 1.0

PhoneWallet keeps safe your data on mobile phone such as passwords, logins, credit cards numbers. You can have your sensible data always with you, secured with strong encryption.
Last Update: December 10th 2007 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 217902 | AAID: 21110
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SkyeSpy - Intruder Detector and Alert, Baby Monitor, Spy on Friends

Use your mobile as a remote baby monitor. Detect and be alerted to intruders. Spy on your friends. SMS, MMS audio clip or call notification. Secret/discrete call-in and listen!
Last Update: April 15th 2009 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217785 | AAID: 21358

Mobiscope: Video from webcams on mobile - for home surveillance or just for fun

Watch real time webcam video stream on your mobile! Get motion detection alerts over email. Any web/IP cam support.
Last Update: September 8th 2010 | Version: 1.0500 | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 217608 | AAID: 20985
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Smart Guard Symbian 3.x

Hides all your Private Information (like Messages, Contacts, Galleries etc.) both in the phone & card memory,& protects it so no one else except the phone owner can ever see it !!
Last Update: December 4th 2007 | Version: 1.0500 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217620 | AAID: 21010
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Help you check for dead pixel on mobile phone 's display screen,Test CPU Speed & Device info & Vibrate
Last Update: December 4th 2007 | Version: 2.9.06 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217633 | AAID: 21000

Max Flash Theme 3rd

View&Launch programs with Floating icons,Manage & Favourite programs as you like
Last Update: July 13th 2008 | Version: 2.9.06 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217509 | AAID: 20979
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Protect your phone from misuse. Track your lost phone and remotely delete all confidential data. Download CellSniper Now
Last Update: January 8th 2008 | Version: 2.00a | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217246 | AAID: 20983
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Voice Reminder

This is an advanced scheduler application for cellphones to save time by recording voice message as reminder in the device instead of typing text message.
Last Update: February 6th 2008 | Version: 2.00a | Rating: 1.00 | HID: 217057 | AAID: 20897
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Security Genius For S60 3rd

Protect a mobile user from losing his/her phone just in case the phone is lost.
Last Update: November 16th 2007 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 216653 | AAID: 20837
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Back up SMS+IP call+Emulate an incoming call+Search contacts+Sms management+Screen capture+File security+Add signature for composed messages+Create a secrete name list
Last Update: November 6th 2007 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 215823 | AAID: 20741


Rejects unwanted calls on the go !
Last Update: November 12th 2007 | Version: 1.01a | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 216245 | AAID: 20785
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xcalc pearl

xcalc is a scientific calculator with a precision of 8 decimal places. Support sin, cos, tan, log...
Last Update: December 21st 2007 | Version: 1.01a | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 215234 | AAID: 20601

Bloove Agent for S60 3rd ed

Bloove is web-based mobile phone management service. Edit your contacts, make calls, work with SMS and logs using your favorite browser.
Last Update: January 17th 2008 | Version: 1.2 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 215058 | AAID: 20576

Best Screen Snap

Freeware application that allows you to capture screenshots on your smartphone and save them to a file or send them to friends or to your desktop computer.
Last Update: October 2nd 2010 | Version: 1.2 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 214891 | AAID: 20540
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CPU Monitor for Nokia S60 3rd edition

monitoring use rate of your cpu and RAM
Last Update: October 15th 2007 | Version: 1.11 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 214683 | AAID: 20505
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Featured Software

Handy Alarm Pro for S60
Set up alarms and reminders on your smartphone and you will never miss any important thing or fixed time. Handy Alarm Pro supports alarms and reminders for any case.
Best TaskMan for series 60 3rd edition
Running applications and tasks control, ability to substitute built-in system task manager or work along with it, 'Windows Alt-Tab' style task switcher, Quickstart and much more.
Best Crypto for S60 3rd edition
Protect your private photos, voice and sound files, videos, confidential documents - any kind of files on your smartphone!
Handy Tools Pack for S60
All the functionality you could just imagine in your smartphone is available in Handy Tools Pack. Handy Shell, Handy Alarm Pro and Handy Safe Pro are included. Save 52%!