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META friend locator is an online mobile map application with social features
Last Update: December 15th 2010 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 288052 | AAID: 26981

Waze (Symbian)

Waze’s cool GPS navigation app brings you to the space where geo-gaming meets crowd-sourced traffic info & real-time live maps.
Last Update: November 19th 2010 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 284267 | AAID: 26946
Buy $ £ / Download

PathAway GPS 5 Express

PathAway GPS Navigation, Mapping and Tracking software for recreational or professional use. Follow multi-point routes, capture points, unlimited tracking. Use your own maps.
Last Update: October 16th 2009 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 258833 | AAID: 26483

Verkehrsinfo for S60 3rd and 5th Edition

Be informed of all traffic jams on your way!
Last Update: July 3rd 2009 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 254653 | AAID: 25815
Buy $ £ / Download

Enpronomics SOS Tracker

SOS Tracker turns you mobile phone into a GPS personal tracking and safety device. With GPS Tracking and Panic Button, SOS Tracker is your indispensible personal safety companion.
Last Update: June 1st 2009 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 251587 | AAID: 25388
Buy $ £ / No Trial


Track yourself or your mates live on phone and web,create and share landmarks,chat with mate, GPS software for an individual or a group,Live location on maps,works even without GPS
Last Update: February 27th 2009 | Version: null | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 249354 | AAID: 25095


Reads Geocaching-GPX files, helps find the caches and export your tour as KML
Last Update: January 5th 2009 | Version: 1.00 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 246634 | AAID: 24855
Buy $ £ / Download

Navi2Go Germany for Symbian (One Month Service)

Navi2Go lets you navigate over real 3D landscape of entire Netherlands. Identify your surroundings, turns and exits for the ultimate navigation.
Last Update: September 6th 2008 | Version: 1.00 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 231905 | AAID: 23581
Buy $ £ / Download

Efficasoft GPS Utilities

The best-selling Smartphone GPS software is now available on Symbian! Free map navigation, digital compass, speedometer... NOW SUPPORT *BUILT-IN* GPS RECEIVER!
Last Update: July 13th 2008 | Version: 1.0.1 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 226185 | AAID: 22849
Buy $ £ / Download

Smart SOS for S60 3rd edition

Ever been in an emergency? Smart SOS is the one & only personal safety companion. GPS location & snap images to your loved ones with a single click. Simply, it can save your life.
Last Update: June 9th 2008 | Version: 1.0.1 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 224689 | AAID: 23178
Buy $ £ / No Trial

**Wayfinder Navigator - Mexico (1 Month License) S60

With Wayfinder Navigator & a GPS receiver* your mobile phone becomes the ideal companion whether you're looking for or travelling to locations throughout Mexico
Last Update: March 12th 2008 | Version: | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 221136 | AAID: 21828

GPSed: Mapping your impressions

A location-based service for trip tracking from mobile. Pin photos to a map precisely at a place they where taken.
Last Update: December 28th 2007 | Version: | Rating: 4.00 | HID: 218625 | AAID: 21289


Foam allows the positions of a mobile to be continually uploaded to which is an online GPS tracker and logger. Supports internal gps.
Last Update: March 2nd 2008 | Version: | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 216711 | AAID: 20843
Buy $ £ / Download

Symot Tracker (Live) cum Navigator for Nokia S60 3rd edition

Online tracking solution for your vehicles. Just login the web and see live movement of your vehicles on a single screen. Also, see the map moving along with you on your phone.
Last Update: August 12th 2007 | Version: | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 205926 | AAID: 18248


Import POI databases in ASC and OV2 format and export in ASC,GPX and KML
Last Update: March 9th 2007 | Version: | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 204517 | AAID: 17913
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