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GpsMap (S60 3rd Edition)

Use your own maps for displaying your position on a map, even without GPS. Waypoints, compass view also supported.
Last Update: October 25th 2010 | Version: 2.51 | Rating: 4.50 | HID: 194315 | AAID: 16997


Uses a Bluetooth GPS receiver to measure your car's top speed and acceleration . GT is also useful for navigation, giving direction and distance to any set destination.
Last Update: July 21st 2006 | Version: 2.51 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 0 | AAID: 15478
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Handy Travel Pack

Always en route? Suite of 6 useful applications for those who is used to pack bags: Weather, Safe, Calculator, Clock, Expense and Converter. Save 51%!
Last Update: March 4th 2008 | Version: 1.2 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217009 | AAID: 20903
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Handy Traveller for S60

Suit of three applications for travellers: Handy Weather, Handy Clock and Handy Expense. It allows you to spend time in the trip with benefit and pleasure.
Last Update: August 14th 2006 | Version: 1.2 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 189318 | AAID: 14180
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Handy Weather for S60 - 2009 Best Weather App!

Handy Weather by Epocware provides you with always up-to-date 5 day weather forecast including weather details, current conditions and unlimited maps for over 40,000+ cities.
Last Update: September 2nd 2010 | Version: | Rating: 4.53 | HID: 171690 | AAID: 9189
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Handy Weather for S60 1-Year Subscription

1-Year subscription for Handy Weather S60 users
Last Update: August 3rd 2009 | Version: | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 201558 | AAID: 18816
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Helsinki Street Map 1400 sqkms for S60 3rd Edition 02603

Helsinki Street Map has colourful and clear maps in a lightning fast application. Find any street in the Greater Helsinki in seconds. Covers approximately 1400 square kilometres.
Last Update: June 25th 2006 | Version: 1.02 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 191655 | AAID: 17935

Highlights of the Louvre Travel Guide

Highlights of the Louvre presents detailed description of TEN WORLD MOST FAMOUS MASTERPIECES, their origins, history, as well as exact location in the museum.
Last Update: December 8th 2006 | Version: 1.02 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 200784 | AAID: 17062
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Ho Chi Minh Map for SmartComGPS

Calibrated Ho Chi Minh city GPS Map for SmartComGPS
Last Update: August 17th 2007 | Version: 7.03 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 211790 | AAID: 19709

Kayak Travel Search

Search 100s of website for Hotels, and Flights
Last Update: May 10th 2010 | Version: 7.03 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 269101 | AAID: 26629
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Las Vegas DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide & Map (Symbian S60 3rd Edition)

Save time, discover the 10 best of everything to see, buy, taste and avoid in Las Vegas. Plus easily make your way through the city with the included maps.
Last Update: February 8th 2008 | Version: 7.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 219997 | AAID: 21561

License number finder Austria

With this tool you can find matching cities and federal states for Austrian license numbers.
Last Update: May 26th 2007 | Version: 7.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 207966 | AAID: 18661

License number finder Germany

With this little tool you can find matching cities and counties for German license numbers.
Last Update: January 17th 2008 | Version: | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 207965 | AAID: 18660
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Live2Phone Mobile Surveillance

Flexible, powerful, easy to use video surveillance system. It includes motion detection, support for multiple cameras and multiple sites. Get live images directly to your phone...
Last Update: September 7th 2008 | Version: | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 231935 | AAID: 23572

Livecontacts Mobile v6.25 for Symbian S60 (3rd and 5th Edition) with GPS

Livecontacts Mobile GPS tracker and friendfinder for Symbian phones (3rd and 5th Edition). A free and fun way to let your friends know where you are.
Last Update: April 22nd 2010 | Version: 4.1 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 202940 | AAID: 17509
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AFTrack91 - GPS Tracking for 3rd Edition
AFTrack is the display for your GPS mouse. It collects your tracking data with various log modes (GPRS or SMS). Internal GPS is available.
Mobile Weather (S60 3rd Edition)
Mobile Weather is a weather forecast client for S60 phones. Information from the Yahoo Weather API.
the TUBE - for S60 3rd edition
the TUBE - mobile map of London''s subway with station locator for S60 3rd edition devices
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MetrO (S60 3rd)
Metro helps you find your way in the public transport systems (subway, bus, trams, ...) in more than 400 cities around the world. FREE, FAST & ACCURATE.