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The perfect presentation and demonstration tool lets you show your phone''s screen on any PC. Connection is established via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN.
Last Update: June 22nd 2008 | Version: 4.0.1 | Rating: 4.75 | HID: 152401 | AAID: 1853
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MobiForms For Symbian

MobiForms is a rapid application development tool. Build industry level solutions for asset collection, field service and inspection.
Last Update: November 25th 2008 | Version: 4.0.1 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 167035 | AAID: 1609
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Handy Business Pack

Suite of 7 "must-have" applications for business person: Safe, Calendar, Converter, Clock, Profiles, Expense and Calculator! Save 51%!
Last Update: December 16th 2007 | Version: 4.06 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 217010 | AAID: 20900
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smartAlarm - Symbian

smartAlarm acts as an advanced alarm pager. smartAlarm is designed to alarm for example fire brigades or technicians based on SMS messages.
Last Update: August 21st 2007 | Version: 4.06 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 203572 | AAID: 17780
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Live2Phone Mobile Surveillance Plus

Flexible, powerful, easy to use video surveillance system. It includes motion detection, support for multiple cameras and multiple sites. Get live images directly to your phone...
Last Update: September 7th 2008 | Version: 1.01 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 210021 | AAID: 19215
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Handy Tools Pro for S60

Your favorite bundle now bigger and better! Featuring even more Handy utilities for every smartphone user: Safe, Clock, Weather, Expense, Taskman and Keylock! Buy Pro and save 26%!
Last Update: November 24th 2007 | Version: 1.01 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 200470 | AAID: 16942
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Wirelessly synchronize Public Folders, Subfolders and stay connected with more of your information in Microsoft Outlook using your current wireless solution and FolderMirror.
Last Update: February 8th 2008 | Version: 2.1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 210883 | AAID: 19442
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Market Simplified Financial For S60 3rd Edition

Technology Driven Wealth Management Solution, stock quotes, portfolio sync, real-time alerts, technical charts and analytics, indicators, trend forecasts and much more! Download it
Last Update: December 14th 2007 | Version: 2.1.0 | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 211668 | AAID: 19647
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Business Encyclopedia-the World's Biggest Business Encyclopedia for Mobile Devices. 150,000 Articles

The world's biggest interlinked Business Encyclopedia for mobile devices. Over 150,000 articles. Intuitive navigation. FREE updates.
Last Update: January 9th 2008 | Version: 4.5 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 219023 | AAID: 21351
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Expense Report Wizard Expense Recorder for Symbian

Record expenses on your Symbian and expense reports are generated automatically, available to review and submit from any browser. Save time & GET YOUR MONEY BACK FASTER!
Last Update: February 13th 2006 | Version: 4.5 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 182607 | AAID: 20757
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An Aid to the MRCP: Essential Lists, Facts and Mnemonics (MRCPAid)

Allay your anxieties about the MRCP exams and increase your confidence with An Aid to the MRCP: Essential Lists, Facts and Mnemonics.
Last Update: July 29th 2008 | Version: 1.01 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 227558 | AAID: 22988
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Live2Phone Easy (one year subscription)

Flexible, powerful, easy to use video surveillance system. It includes motion detection, support for multiple cameras and multiple sites. Get live images directly to your phone...
Last Update: September 18th 2007 | Version: 1.01 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 213411 | AAID: 20110
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Remote Professional

Remotely operate your S60 or UIQ3 phone from your Windows PC using your desktop screen and keyboard - essential for presentations, tutorials and testing!
Last Update: February 7th 2008 | Version: 2.0.6 | Rating: 4.75 | HID: 56041 | AAID: 1710
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Mobiola Remote Phone Control

Perfect presentation tool and demo recorder. Control your phone from PC, demo the phone screen, take snapshots, record video. SHARE your SCREEN on SKYPE, record videos to YouTube
Last Update: March 18th 2008 | Version: 2.0.6 | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 209610 | AAID: 19059
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Advanced Device Locks Professional Edition

State-of-the-art mobile security: Lock apps or your cell, protect files in a secure storage or, in case of theft, remotely lock the phone, start an alarm or activate data wipe.
Last Update: November 19th 2010 | Version: | Rating: 4.00 | HID: 223969 | AAID: 22299
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Featured Software

Quickoffice Viewer v4 (Upgrade)
Now you can view and save Word, Excel & PowerPoint files from your smartphone.More people choose Quickoffice than anyone else - Winner of Nokia's 2006 Best Enterprise App.!
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Full Description
SplashID for Series 60
SplashID securely stores your sensitive personal information including user names, passwords, credit cards, PINs, and more in a secure, encrypted database.
MSN, Yahoo and Email with IMHere
Free Yahoo/MSN(Windows Live Messenger) messenger with photo support, GPS and Google Maps, and Email. Chat with your friends, and send your location to your buddies.
Advanced Call Manager
With ACM you can set lists of contacts, choose how to filter their calls, save profiles and schedule them. Bring back the joy of owning a phone by avoiding disturbing calls!