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Tie A Tie S60

Don''t know how to tie a tie? We will provide you detail instructions on tying a tie!
Last Update: April 30th 2012 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 350131 | AAID: 27602

Bill Optimizer

Find out the 20 people you call the most, protect yourself from costly roaming data fees and view reports with useful statistics about your phone usage.
Last Update: October 17th 2011 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 313298 | AAID: 27440
Buy $ £ / No Trial

Red Ruby S60

The program demonstrates that you are a rich person.
Last Update: August 23rd 2011 | Version: 1.00 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 309086 | AAID: 27349
Buy $ £ / No Trial

Military Abbreviations

Application for Military personals and NASA Employees. Full version has about 2000 List of abbreviations and ability to search on internet from 50000 abbreviations.
Last Update: February 4th 2011 | Version: 1.00 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 296719 | AAID: 27049


CallReScheduler is the best sales call manager for sales people making alot of calls
Last Update: October 13th 2010 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 280888 | AAID: 26879
Buy $ £ / No Trial


Cut your mobile bills with Tariff Manager. It will help you to manage your phone bills by giving a warning message when your allowed calls, messages and internet data gets low.
Last Update: August 24th 2010 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 273488 | AAID: 26818

Mortgage Calculator PRO

Mortgage Calculator PRO, professional loan calculator.
Last Update: August 9th 2010 | Version: 2.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 268258 | AAID: 26593
Buy $ £ / Download

Project Professional for Symbian

Manage your Projects with Calendar, Phases, Tasks, Risks, Reviews, Meetings, Clients, Closure & Project Reports. Splendid Tracking options. Reminder of Important Dates at Startup.
Last Update: February 17th 2010 | Version: 2.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 265987 | AAID: 26485
Buy $ £ / Download

Star Sales Manager for Symbian

Sales CRM with Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Products, Case, Tasks, Calendar & more. Splendid Tracking options. Reminder of Important Dates at Startup.
Last Update: January 16th 2010 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 264921 | AAID: 26418
Buy $ £ / No Trial

Napkin Master

There is a set of napkin arrangement methods useful to decorate tables.The best effect is for square napkins larger than 12 inches (30 cm).
Last Update: November 15th 2009 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 259764 | AAID: 26305
Buy $ £ / No Trial

Horse Log for Symbian

Looking for something to simply keep track of all your horses? Horse Log will do just that. Checkout this cool apps to manage the Horses.
Last Update: November 4th 2009 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 259462 | AAID: 26276
Buy $ £ / Download

Contact & Activity Manager for MS CRM (Hosted/OnPremise)

MS Dynamics CRM Mobile Client for Contact & Contact related activity management. Includes Phone call, Meeting recording, Email and other app integration for activity capture
Last Update: February 15th 2010 | Version: null | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 259451 | AAID: 26278
Buy $ £ / Download

Money Basics

Smart Money Basics by Epocware is a smart way to flexible optimization of your consumer habits. Plan, track and analyze your shopping activity!
Last Update: September 2nd 2010 | Version: 5.0 | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 257923 | AAID: 26091

Mr. Expense

Mr. Expense is a professional daily expense manager application for anyone who wants to track their expenses like personal, business, school or vacation.
Last Update: January 21st 2011 | Version: 5.0 | Rating: 5.00 | HID: 254576 | AAID: 25816
Buy $ £ / Download

XCLOCK S60 3rd

Xclock is one alarm software applicable to intelligent cellphone or PDA.Xclock is a small secretary of your living!The best alarm software for intelligent cellphone.
Last Update: March 11th 2009 | Version: 1.0 | Rating: 0.00 | HID: 249989 | AAID: 25173
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Featured Software

Quickoffice Viewer v4 (Upgrade)
Now you can view and save Word, Excel & PowerPoint files from your smartphone.More people choose Quickoffice than anyone else - Winner of Nokia's 2006 Best Enterprise App.!
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Full Description
SplashID for Series 60
SplashID securely stores your sensitive personal information including user names, passwords, credit cards, PINs, and more in a secure, encrypted database.
Advanced Call Manager
With ACM you can set lists of contacts, choose how to filter their calls, save profiles and schedule them. Bring back the joy of owning a phone by avoiding disturbing calls!
MSN, Yahoo and Email with IMHere
Free Yahoo/MSN(Windows Live Messenger) messenger with photo support, GPS and Google Maps, and Email. Chat with your friends, and send your location to your buddies.