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AAS Review Team

All About Symbian is a team effort, with many people helping out and doing what they can to make AAS a true community. But at the top, there have to be a few people watching over everything.

Rafe Blandford - Rafe started All About Symbian in the Summer of 2000. Since then the site has gone through one name change (it was once All About ER6). All About Symbian has grown from a single page into the site you see today - the biggest Symbian/S60/UIQ web site on the web - with more than 1.5 million unique visitors a month. Rafe is responsible for business strategy/development and editorial control.

Richard Bloor Richard is our developer and enterprise editor. He oversees content that will be of particular interest to developers and business users of Symbian devices. Richard brings many years of experience in the mainstream IT world to the All About family. Based in New Zealand, Richard helps ensure we have truly global coverage.

Steve Litchfield - Steve is a Contributing Editor for for All About Symbian. He oversees our news and review sections and writes many articles. Steve also runs his own Symbian-related web resource, 3-Lib, writes for PDA Essentials magazine in the UK, produces the Smartphones Show video podcast and runs numerous other web sites.

Ewan Spence - Ewan is a Contributing Editor for All About Symbian. He oversees our gaming and music related content. Ewan maintains contact with many companies involved in the Symbian OS world, championing the cause of the end users. And yes, he is the one who wears the kilt. He also runs TPN Rock, a popular podcast.

AAS is not just the Admin Team though. There are many people who help with the site, be it through moderating the Forum, editing sections of the site, and a million other things. Their help is just as important, and without them we could not make AAS the successful community it has become. Thank you!

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