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Fri 10th August, 2012

12:43 The Proporta Turbocharger goes ultra slimline All About Symbian
I make no apologies for featuring Proporta's latest Turbocharger, this time going down in capacity but also way down in thickness. The Turbocharger Pocket Power only has 680mAh inside and is meant for top-ups in the field rather than full recharges - but it's only 7mm thick and sho...
12:02 Vringo acquires 500 patents from Nokia All About Symbian
Vringo has acquired a bundle of five hundred patents, covering a "broad range of technologies relating to cellular infrastructure", from Nokia for $22 million. Thirty one of the one hundred and twenty patent families included in the deal have been declared essential to wireless com...
08:32 A 2012 sighting of... the Nokia 7700! All About Symbian
Ah, so it's not just me that loves plucking something really unusual out to show, something that was cutting edge for its time - even if it never made it (in this case) out to retail channels. The Nokia 7700 was the first Symbian phone to have a touchscreen OS and it used the 'Seri...
07:03 Head to head: Nokia E6 vs Motorola Pro+ All About Symbian
The Nokia E6 has been around for a year now - the Motorola Pro+ for about six months. Yet this is the first time I've had both in the same place for direct comparison, and one which is still very relevant since both offer the rather rare (in 2012) qwerty candybar form factor, with ...

Thu 9th August, 2012

19:44 Alvin Wong - a 'second perspective' on the Nokia 808 All About Symbian
Just to prove that we don't only link to positive reviews, here's Alvin Wong's sideways look at the Nokia 808 PureView, which is interesting because it's coming from someone who's very familiar with Symbian yet who is now a self-confessed iOS fan. In other words, he looks at the 80...
17:28 Wavefront grows Business Development team SymbianOne
17:27 CSR and the Telecom Council to Host 6th Annual Locations &... SymbianOne
CSR sponsors this year’s event as a Telecom Council Mobile Forum to focus on indoor location and location-as-a-service
09:18 Digia to acquire Qt from Nokia My-Symbian
Digia today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Qt software technologies and Qt business from Nokia and further extend the cross-platform availability of Qt on mobile, embedded and desktop. Following the acquisition Digia becomes responsible for all the Qt activi...
06:39 Digia to acquire Qt from Nokia All About Symbian
Big software house Digia has announced that it has 'signed an agreement to acquire Qt software technologies and Qt business from Nokia'. Once the acquisition is completed, Digia will become responsible for all the Qt activities formerly carried out by Nokia, includin...
05:28 USA-bought Nokia 808s get Youtube and Facebook Share updates All About Symbian
Seems like Nokia is gradually getting round to fixing the bits of the Nokia 808 which didn't work in the first retail firmwares. Available now in the USA are two updates, fixing the broken Facebook share button (in Gallery) in the USA 808 firmware (which works fine in other world f...

Wed 8th August, 2012

21:20 CoverUp returns to the Nokia Store All About Symbian
The story so far. Music album art has been a nightmare on Symbian since day one. CoverUp appeared in 2010 to solve the problem by raiding Amazon's pages for matching bitmaps that could then be poked into Music player's library. It worked well, but the developer (Sebastian Brannstro...
17:13 ecoATM Expands Network of Instant Cash Recycling Kiosks Into... SymbianOne
28 Fully Automated Electronics Recycling Kiosks Now Operating in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio
17:11 Mobile Transactions to Hit $730bn by 2017 as Real-World... SymbianOne
Hampshire, UK – 8th August 2012: The value of remote transactions for digital and physical goods purchased via mobile devices is expected to exceed $730bn annually by 2017, a new report ( _physical_goods) from Juniper Research has found.
17:10 Vesta Adds 78 Mobile Operators, 39 Countries to SymbianOne
Website enables account recharges from the US to more than 80% of global telecom markets
15:04 Expansys now offering the black Nokia 808 for £485 All About Symbian
Following the farcical situation at Amazon, where the black Nokia 808 was almost £70 more than the white one, the black version is now in stock at Expansys, and at £485, which seems a lot more sensible than £550. There's free shipping within the UK as well, plus E...
06:45 Review: Backgammon Pro V All About Symbian
The last time I formally reviewed a Zingmagic Backgammon game was five years ago, amazingly, an eternity in the mobile world. Since then we've had much higher resolution screens, touch interfaces, faster processors, and so on. The core game hasn't changed, of course, this being bas...
00:51 Free Webinar: What's the Future for the Mobile Wallet? SymbianOne
On the 14th of August, 3.30pm BST, the Mobile Wallet will be opened wide in a Free Webinar brought to you by M for Mobile.


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