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Mon 24th September, 2007

22:00 Biorhythm S60 Software
Description:Use your mobile telephone to calculate your Biorythm. Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$3.95Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 2.0.0
22:00 Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Huge collection. FREE Author's... S60 Software
Description:Indulge Yourself with the best classics literature on Your PDA. Navigate easily to any novel from Table of Contents or search for the words or phrases. Free stories in the trial Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$5.99Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 6.1
21:15 Hartti and Ron go to WeirdStuff Forum Nokia Blogs
19:57 The first RAM-heavy N95 comes out to play All About Symbian
Kudos to Darla Mack for scoring a prototype N95-3, the official USA model with 80MB free RAM and beefed up 1200mAh battery. More editorial to follow from Darla, no doubt.
19:30 Flash Lite ChalkTalks at Adobe MAX Forum Nokia Blogs
19:22 What are your favorite blogs about Java ME, Symbian/S60, and... Forum Nokia Blogs
17:52 Review: Nokia CP-218 jogging wrist strap
Jogging is a sport being picked up by adults that are increasingly becoming health conscious. It is something that becomes infinitely easier once you have music playing in the background so you don’t have to the breathing patterns that clearly signal you’re out of sha...
17:41 Video: You're invited, All About Symbian Pub meet on the 15th of...
Hanging out with Ewen, Steve and Rafe at the Nokia Go Play event in London was enough of a reason for me to buy a ticket to London to attend the Symbian Smartphone Show and relive those memories. In this video Steve gives a low down of what you can expect at the event and invites a...
16:52 Devices and shady goings-on... All About Symbian
You'll have heard of WOM World for the innovative ways they spread news and opinions of Nokia Nseries smartphones. But did you know they've got a Flickr stream? Start here, with their current coverage of Tropfest in the USA and work back to see how many famous bloggers and ...
15:30 New Devices From Amoi Pocket PC Thoughts
Reader Carlos stumbled across these devices on From left to right we have the N8, the N800, and the N810. They all feature WM6 Pro, 2.8in screens, SirfStar III GPS receivers, 2.0MP cameras, Samsung processors, triband GSM and EDGE (ho-hum), and the usual 64MB RAM and 128...
15:30 New Devices From Amoi Pocket PC Thoughts
Reader Carlos stumbled across these devices on From left to right we have the N8, the N800, and the N810. They all feature WM6 Pro, 2.8in screens, SirfStar III GPS receivers, 2.0MP cameras, Samsung processors, triband GSM and EDGE (ho-hum), and the usual 64MB RAM and 128...
14:25 Review: Nokia Wrist Band CP-218 See into 60
Tired of recharging batteries? Sick of firmware updates? Fed up with long instruction manauals? Then I've got what you need - The Nokia Wrist Band CP-218! The CP-218 is essentially a gym sock with a hole cut in it and the word "Nokia" printed on it, but it's exactly the kind o...
14:13 The Nokia CP-218 - Boggle All About Symbian
I'm sure Phil S of S60 is serious with this review of a new Nokia accessory, the CP-218, but I really, truly am not sure I'd trust a £500 N95 to the Nokia Wrist Band while I'm out flailing my arms around in the act of trying to jog/run....
13:54 Nokia S60 party in San Francisco on October 23th in Union Square
I’ve already been to two of these things, one in NY, the other in Chicago, and trust me when I say you do not want to miss this. Phil Schwarzmann knows how to throw a festivel and besides the free booze you get to grill Nokia employees about anything and everything you migh...
12:53 Nokia E51 - Live E-Series
A number of photos of the recently announced Nokia E51 has surfaced. I received a few photos, below, and Mobile Burn has posted even more photos. Phone Scoop scored big with a hands on demo of the Nokia E51.  The Nokia E51 supports EDGE (EGPRS), 3G, HSDPA, and WLAN. Mail for...
11:34 While we're waiting for Next Gen N-Gage... All About Symbian
The Next Gen N-Gage platform is due to go live some time in November, so we still have a fair while to wait until our gaming main course arrives. However, to whet our appetites, All About N-Gage has been serving up some Next Gen hors d'oeuvres, looking at the best S60 games tha...
10:29 Get $10,000 from YouNeverCall for calling your home from Moon
In order to get some press attention, YouNeverCall just announced their $10,000 prize award for the first cell phone call placed from the Moon. The new award is kinda cheap when compared with Google’s earlier announcement of $30 million in prize money for landing a craft on t...
10:05 KJV Bible and 'games', courtesy of the iPhone All About Symbian
To be filed under 'Hey, S60 Web uses the same core code as the iPhone's browser', come these links: pages of Javascript-hosted quick games and the entire text of the King James Version of the Bible (with the 'thees' and 'thous', etc). The latter works fi...
07:20 Rush of interest created by the Conversation app S60 Application Blog
Three days later: 66 comments, 81 referring blog posts, 182 feedback emails, and doubled traffic to Nokia Beta Labs. Wow.
02:41 Nokia E51 [Flickr] E-Series
e-series posted a photo: Thanks to Joseph K for the photos.
02:41 Nokia E51 [Flickr] E-Series
e-series posted a photo: Thanks to Joseph K for the photos.
02:41 Nokia E51 (on top of a Nokia E61i) [Flickr] E-Series
e-series posted a photo: Thanks to Joseph K for the photos.

Sun 23rd September, 2007

22:00 Handy Calculator S60 Software
Description:All basic operations with just one touch of joystick. Easy, exact and fast calculations always at hand at work and everyday life. Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$12.95Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 1.0
22:00 IPCamViewer for Nokia E Series- UniCam S60 Software
Description:Watch live video images from your IP cameras on E Series Nokia mobiles anytime anywhere you desire. THIS INTRODUCTORY OFFER CLOSES SOON. Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$4.95Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 1.0
22:00 IPCamViewer for Nokia E Series - MultiCam S60 Software
Description:Watch live images from your IP cameras on E Series mobiles anytime anywhere. GET THIS NOW! THIS INTRODUCTORY OFFER CLOSES SOON!!! Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$9.95Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 1.01
22:00 Pro Session Golf S60 Software
Description:A mobile golf video analysis tool with essential features, such as frame-by-frame playback and split screen comparison. Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$75.00Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 1.0
17:45 The All In One Torch All About Symbian
Ah, it's not just me that wants to also use my smartphone as a torch. Ever since the N93, I've wondered why this isn't a built-in feature. All In One Torch is a Python hosted script that offers pulsing of the camera LED in the likes of the N95 and E90, along with a...
16:14 Threaded SMS - Conversation E-Series
I personally think that Nokia Beta Labs is one of the more exciting initiatives Nokia launched in the first half of 2007. It is a powerful tool to foster new applications while soliciting honest and straightforward feedback from the core user base. Tommi Vilkamo of S60 Blogs has sc...
14:32 Those missing alarms... All About Symbian
If you've wanted to set multiple alarms in Clock but don't want to have to pay to upgrade to a S60 3rd Edition FP1 device just to get this feature, then note that coding wizard Jukka Silvennoinen's latest beta is YAlarms for bare S60 3rd Edition smartphones. Here's ...
07:23 Technorati founder Dave Sifry to speak at Nokia World 2007
Technorati, for those of you who might now, is a search engine for blogs. The service also helps you identify sites that are linking to your blog post and establishes your rank based on those figures. IntoMobile is #3,204 while Engadget is #1, we’re working on it. The found...
07:03 CSI: Miami goes mobile
Fans of the popular detective series will certainly want to try to play CSI: Miami on their mobiles and solve the mysterious death of a young woman on South Beach. The game features all the stars from the show and even includes the such activities like checking out crime scene, con...
04:50 [New] Atlantis Redux for S60 3rd Edition My-Symbian
Atlantis Redux by Tetraedge is an adventure game that takes you on a travel in time and geography from the Hoggar desert to the icy plains of Paleolithique, through ancient Egypt and palaces of the Thousands and One Nights.

Sat 22nd September, 2007

22:55 Mobile Tech News Headlines PalmInfoStation
MobilityBeat Windows Mobile Still Lacks Polish Verizon to go LTE for 4G Data Frequent Cell Phone Use May Slow Brain Function! TI Shows its cellphone projector Google gPhone Waiting on 3G? 15 things Apple should fix in iPhone 2.0 Mobile Linux Info Intel Shows Off Next-Gen Mobi...
22:00 Y-Browser S60 Software
Description:Y-Browser is file browser explorer that allows you to explore the filing system on your phone. Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:FreeFurther Links: DownloadVersion: 0.82(16)
22:00 English Quran S60 Software
Description:Holly Quran in English translation Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$2.00Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 0.82(16)
22:00 Arabic and English Ya-Seen with audio S60 Software
Description:Listen audio, together read Arabic and English translation of the sura Ya Seen from your mobile phone. Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$3.00Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 1.0
22:00 Phone2People S60 Software
Description:Search by phone number to find people's name and current address . Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$9.99Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 1.0
22:00 Operation Cobra S60 Software
Description:An entertaining war,shooter game, operation with cobra helicopter Thumbnail Screenshot:Price:$5.00Further Links: Buy / DownloadVersion: 2.0
18:21 Nokia N81 approved by the FCC; Coming to U.S. before Christmas?
We’ve missed this, but we’re going with it nevertheless. After passing the FCC hurdle, the Nokia N81 is now officially ready to be sold across the U.S. And while we don’t have any tip from the Finish handset maker whether it will start selling soon or not, we str...
06:21 S60 - Improvements needed? All About Symbian
Interesting post by Vaibhav Sharma on his Symbian blog detailing improvements he thinks are needed in S60. Some of them I'm not sure I agree with but as a wishlist it's a good read. See what you think.
05:07 Browse network-shared Windows files with Pocket Internet Explorer
Here’s a cool little trick that lets you browse your shared Windows files on your Windows Mobile smartphone. If you’ve got a WiFi enabled WinMo smartphone and a wireless home-network, then you’re al set to start browsing your PC’s collection of “movie...
04:26 Featured Freeware - Conversation S60 Tips
Nokia Beta Labs has just released a new application, called Conversation. It is an application that allows us to follow conversations, organized by individual contacts. It is similar to the way we use IM (Instant Messaging) application. You can click a contact and see history of co...
01:13 Themes - Roman is Back E-Series


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