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Mon 29th November, 2010

22:46 Windows Phone 7 - First update to be "massive" CoolSmartPhone
We knew even before Windows Phone 7 was completed that a few features would have to wait and that the first update would fix a lot of the issues reviewers had flagged up. Custom ringtones, copy and paste etc. Although we kinda all knew it, developer Chris Walshie has stated that t...
20:34 Windows Phone 7 developers complain about tools, payments Into Mobile
Microsoft has done quite a job cultivating the developer ecosystem for its recently-launched Windows Phone 7, as the platform already has more than 3,000 apps – nearly on par with what Research In Motion has with its App World, which has been around for much longer. But we...
20:15 Poynt for Windows Phone Updated with Gas Prices Into Mobile
Poynt was one of our top picks for Windows Phone 7 apps at launch, and today the developers are expanding its already-great local search to include gas prices. Using your GPS or cell tower location, it’ll find the prices of all the stations nearby It’s only in the U.S. ...
17:50 Web - Qt Hybrid Example: ListEm Forum Nokia Blogs
Building a UI with web technologies while producing the core logic in Qt is an efficient design practice. The ListEm hybrid application implements a simple list-creating application where the core is implemented with Qt C++ and the UI is implemented with WebKit using JavaScript, C...
16:50 New iPhone Game: Dino Rush Available Now for iOS MobileTechReview
French developer, Studio Nemoid, announces its official release of Dino Rush, their first endless Run'n Jump platform game for iPhone and iPad. Here is more info on this new iPhone game: Dino Rush will ...
09:41 Skype video calls coming to Facebook chat? Into Mobile
Facebook application developer Tal Ater has been digging through Facebook’s code and voila – he has found a “VideoChat” object, which refers to Skype and Skype user IDs — the code checks for plugin support using either ActiveX on Internet Explorer, or ...
09:15 Symbian Foundation to close all websites All About Symbian
Following the news that it would now become a licensing body, the Symbian Foundation has announced that all of its websites will close down on December 17th 2010. After that date, every site under the domain, including,, ideas.s...
08:58 GSMA launches Band App Audition with support from Muse,... Into Mobile
The GSMA announced the launch of the first ever GSMA Band App Audition, which is an app developer competition calling for mobile app concepts for the artists to engage with their fans throughout the world. For the competition, GSMA engaged some well-known names such as Muse, Faithl...
07:00 Windows Phone 7 Apps Cheaper than the Competition Smartphone Thoughts is tough to argue that the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace still has a ways to go before it can be considered on par with the Android and iPhone equivalents. However, the growth of the marketplace is quickly providing users with a wealth of apps that seek to extend and improve on the feature set of the operating system. Furthermore, it seems that developers on average are pricing their apps at a discount to those on Android. According to analytics firm Distimo, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace apps sell for an average of just $1.95. In fact, that report shows that there are zero apps that sell for greater than 9.99. Hit the link for the full breakdown and analysis.

Sat 27th November, 2010

23:55 Symbian Foundation shutting down website next month MobileBurn
The Symbian Foundation is reportedly shutting down its website next month, on December 17. According to Symbian Developer, that includes the current"website as well as and sites,, and more. The Symbian platform sou...
13:54 research2guidance: Forget about app stores ? doctors will... Into Mobile
As part of its “Mobile Health Market Report 2010-2015,” research2guidance conducted a global survey amongst leading mHealth developers and healthcare companies and found that rather than app stores, mHealth apps will predominantly be distributed through traditional heal...


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