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AAS Photo Gallery: Nokia N95 8GB

Here are some images with commentary of the Nokia N95 8-GB.

Screen and finger prints
The N95 8GB does seems to attract finger prints with it slightly more glossy screen. The screen is also less recessed than the N95 which doesn't help matters. nor does the black colour which draws more attention to the on screen prints in certain light conditions.

Nokia N95 8GB Summary Black Finish Batteries Compared Back of the N95 8GB Multimedia Menus compared N95 8GB vs N95 Classic N-Gage Entry
Music Multimedia Keys S60 UI N95 vs N95 8GB 5 megapixel camera Internet Panel N-Gage Panel
Video Panel Music Panel Redesigned control keys Screen and finger prints DSC05039 DSC05037 N95 8GB Screen

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