All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Right I have got a replacement .mbm file for the IR Remote available for download here, just use a file explorer ( Seleq, FExplorer etc ) to Navigate to C:\system\apps\irRemote and rename, delete or overwrite the irRemote.mbm file and then send the file included here to your phone via IR or BT, goto your file manager and find the irRemote.mbm file in your mail folder and cut and paste it in the C:\system\apps\irRemote folder! Your app will now have the new skin!! ( if ya don't like it, then follow the instructions to make your own! )


P.S If anyone is interested in changing app picture files (mbm's) then get bmconv.exe from here

To decompile the mbm files place the previously mentioned bmconv.exe, a command line utility into the directory with the .mbm file in and type bmconv /v filename.mbm, this produces information on how many bitmaps are stored in there, there colour settings, pixel sizes and compression rates. Obviously when creating the text files ( create and extract ) in the next part match the amount of bitmaps to the amount stated when running the bmconv /v filename.mbm utility.

In this instance, for the irRemote.mbm file, we need to decompile the individual bitmaps for editing to do this we create a text file called "extract.txt" with the following text in:

/u irRemote.mbm


Save this "extract.txt" file in the directory where the bmconv.exe and the irRemote.mbm file is.

At the command prompt type "bmconv extract.txt", this will then create 14 Bitmaps for editing!

edit the bitmaps that you want to, you must keep to the pixel sizes and files sizes previously used.

To recompile into a mbm file, create a text file called "create.txt" and put the following text in:



Note: the /c12 setting means that the bmp files will be compressed to 4096 colours, the same as used on the Nokia 7650 screen.

then goto the command promt and type "bmconv create.txt" and you will have a new file with edited .bmps compiled into a irRemote.mbm file

Follow previous instructions to replace the file on your phone.


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Nice, thanks for the info!
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did anyone use the new skin? any requests? colour changes, also jyrik, you seem to know a but about this software, when is the new version coming out?



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