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Ovi Suite, pretend to be Itunes...

It looks like to me that Nokia is trying to do something like apple's things, please, it only does works to american guys like, doesn't works for us, who likes to take control at all, we don't that the application intent to do all for us. I don't realy like this type of application. I prefer PC Suite, because there, I use exactly what I want, when I want, the way that I want and is has everything I need there. That's all.

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Try to search Nokia_Ovi_Suite_0_4*.* in your C drive. Remember to also search hidden folders. If you find the installation package for the currently installed Ovi suite BETA then start it and run repair. If it succeeds then try to uninstall that and then try clean install this new version.

Btw. What kind of security software you are using?

Old 14-10-2009, 11:02 PM
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Angry What rubbish.

Well, I took the plunge...and have now deleted it again.

First thing it did after install was to crash. Started it up again, couldn't find my phone, then crashed. Started it again, found my phone...then crashed. Started again, found the phone, tried to sync, failed, then crashed.

Sod it Nokia, its garbage. I wouldn't even credit it as Beta. More like alpha. Its unstable, slow, bloated, flakey and generally unreliable. Fix it, or improve the existing PC Suite...and I mean IMPROVE, not bloat, bugger and break it!

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If ever I have encountered a piece of utter cyberjunk then it is Nokia's "new" OVI suite. Those guys have never heard of user defined options. I have a LOT of music on my PC - I want to decide what I want on my phone, however, OVI dumps everything on the phone. Perhaps I'm an idiot?

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Thumbs down Crap

Total waste of time, I have 2 Nokia phones and 2 outlook calendars.

I sync my works phone with one calendar, and my private phone with .. guess what ... my private calendar.

This is easy on the old suite, and impossible at the moment with OVI.

Slow, sluggish and bloated.

Pull yourselves together Nokia, this is beyond a joke & you should be ashamed of this product

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Thumbs down In your face

This Suite is doing the same crap Windows does and the reason MAC is my system of choice, the bloody Suite is in your face all the time trying to sell you something or make choices for you. I am not American, I can think for myself. I do hardware repairs on these phones as a last resort for providers (get phonebooks, lost data etc) but the controlling attitude of Nokia, starting with patching the OS from being opened up (hacked) smacks of the corperate greed line 'we are trying to make a safe experiance for our customers', yeah right, more like a safer experiance on the path to our wallets!

tks cathar.gnostic

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Thumbs down Total rubbish

Ovisuite is the worst software I have ever used, it is totally counter intuitive, incredibly slow and almost impossible to work. The software takes up 95% of my CPU capacity when it is not open, but only 7% when it is supposed to be working and takes 10 minutes to load up then crashes.

I have resorted to moving files to my phone using the nokia handset icon in my computer and then manually moving them on the phone, any attempt to upload files using Ovi takes hours. I can't believe Nokia has sold me a phone with such totally crap software


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