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Smile CellularBasicPro - BASIC interpreter for cellular phones

CellularBasicPro is a free BASIC interpreter for J2ME enabled mobile phones and devics.

Download location :

Features of cellularBasicPro include :

- Extensive mathematical functions support - IEEE 64-floating point arithmetic - More graphic functions. - True Color (RGB) color graphics. - Fast double buffered graphics support. - PNG image load and draw support, including PNG images with transparency (alpha channel). - Beep function. - Load and play mp3 sounds in the background. - Keyboard and pointer input support. - Extended string support. - Subroutines and Functions support. - Large BASIC programs support.

CellularBasicPro can be used by students, engineers and anyone that needs portable graphing and formula programming, therefore it can be a great replacement for graphing calculators.

In addition, CellularBasicPro is great for programming hobbysts that want to program on the go small applications or games.

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Wow I'm getting that deja vu feeling all over again!

I've posted about this program TWICE before on AAS and never got any comments back.

For those who aren't familiar with stands for Beginnerings All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

It is a PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, normally implemented in an interpretted environment which makes it very easy to develop and troubleshoot code.

I'm impressed with the progress that the latest version of this program has made since the summer.

You can now load, edit and save to the E: drive

Nearly all functions work--there are a couple of things which cause the program to lock-up and bomb out, but I'm working on documenting the details to send back to the programmer.

It has the capability to do graphics, sounds and even access some of the OS parameters for reporting.

Dislikes....I don't like the INPUT method used (separate screen displays for I/O, Text and Graphics). I would prefer that this program work like SBASIC (Symbian BASIC) worked on my Nokia 9300.

At any case....there is nothing like it for the iPhone anymore as the C64 emulator was pulled from the iStore.

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How can I become a language Interpreter and Translator back to my native tongue of English? I'm also fluent in German, Dutch, French, and Czech. But I would like to gain the training in English, German, Dutch, and French, if possible.
external keyword tool ~ ~ ~ ~

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Ahh... BASIC... that takes me back. I used to play with that stuff on my old Amstrad CPC464.

Here's a surefire way to make your phone crash...

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 GOTO 10
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Please support my suggestion for Gravity!! - Add cut/copy/paste for when N97 is open

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Originally Posted by zxon View Post
Ahh... BASIC... that takes me back. I used to play with that stuff on my old Amstrad CPC464.

Here's a surefire way to make your phone crash...

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 GOTO 10
Why dont you install the Amstrad Emulator?

You can always Break it (using ESC/Break)..


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