All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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ARound and about - augmented reality on Symbian

Sequence Point Software's ARound project is now in beta, a free download for the Nokia N97 and compatible S60 3rd or 5th Edition phones. The project's aim is to incorporate feed data from Twitter, from and from landmarks databases, combining the live camera viewfinder and compass and GPS information to produce an augmented reality solution for Symbian. Screenshots and links below.

Read on in the full article.

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I look forward to trying this out, but in the back of my mind I wonder how well it will run on the N97.

[edit] My N97 may be on the blink or the app might be causing it, not sure atm. Downloading the sis from the site using the standard browser resulted in the phone opening the sis file as a text file, so I had to open it using Ybrowser to begin installation.

The first run of the app didnt go well. I started the app, selected the access point and then realised I would need the camera cover open. I opened it, exited the camera app and then I caught a glimpse of the theme background before the screen faded to black and the phone switched itself off. Only a battery pull let me turn it back on again. When turnign the phone back on, I was asked to enter the date and time, all other data (contacts, files, alarms, notes etc) and apps seemed to be intact.

On the second try, I opened the camera cover prior to starting the app. The only problem this time was not being able to get a GPS lock or at least a red GPS icon was showing. Nokia Maps and Google Maps managed a lock without a problem, perhaps accuracy was the issue. After a few minutes the phone was heating up. After a few minutes I exited the app but the phone never cooled down. I have this once before where the phone must have been running overtime or left a connection open without any indication on the homescreen of this and it prematurely drained my battery, so I restarted my phone.

The third time I still didnt manage a green GPS lock, briefly obtained a yellow GPS icon before it went back to red again. This time after exiting the app, my phone wouldnt go into standy correctly, leaving the Menu key and green/red call buttons illuminated even though the screen seemed to be off. Another restart :(

Looking forward to hearing how others get on, to see if it's just my handset causing the issues. I'm on v11 firmware.

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Isn't there one for Feature Pack 1 like the N95 or N82? They cannot just neglect the fact that there are people still using these models.

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Surely this app requires a digital compass and the few Nokias with this are S60 v3 fp2 or v5

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Not working on the Samsung. Installs, opens, asks the usual questions about data usage for an app that uses 3g data, then closes out.

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Works fine!

Works fine on my N97. Just need to get some info for it!

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Works fine with my fresh N97 mini.


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