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FW I8910XXIF2 causes memory full issue?

After upgrading to I8910XXIF2 using PC Studio I'm in big trouble.

I followed the normal procedure by backup all data on the phone. Then performing the FW upgrade. I started to restore data then always ending up with failure at end of restore.

After restarting the phone I always get greeted by
Settings: Not enough memory to perform operation. Delete some files.

When I use Phone Browser I see that C: is 100% full, but if select all files on the C: and view total size they sum to 4-5 MB only.

I tried soft reset of the phone and restore factory settings but the memory stay full. The only way to do it is by hard reset which will format the C as well. (using code).

Then I tried restoring contacts first (no problem) but messages they cause the problem. Even my settings is to use E: for storing messages.

My questions:
1) Can I flash back the old FW and how?
2) Did anyone experience such problem?

My only options now is to hard reset the phone again and stay without old messages.

Any help would be appreciated

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I don't have any solutions for you. This kind of thing drives me NUTS too. I just don't use my i8910 for any serious tasks at the moment (well, for over 2 months now) as there are just too many holes I keep falling into whilst using it.

I've had your problem, too, also, had the problem switching messages to and from e: back to c: will also mess all your messages up too.

I lost all my messages once (learn once, avoid for ever etc.) - I regularly hard reset my i8910, and I've reflashed (as i am doing right now on a special XP PC I built for just my i8910 time-wasting) it now 8-9 times.

The i8910 is a great handset on paper, but it still remains
in use IMHO.

I just use it now and again for basic calls and the 8MP .jpg.
I don't trust it for anything else.

Still, it looks nice tho' *sigh*

Message number 5,356,432,657 from me to Samsung -> please fix this product ASAP. I bought it in good faith and it is too buggy, keeps crashing on me every other day, has completely failed on me (not been able to be rebooted unless reflashed; twice) and has irritated me no end for 2.5 months.

Ah, I feel better now

nzb - sorry for that.
Yes, you can reflash it back - see threads on another website, or in other forums here, on how to do it. Once you get used to it, and oh yes, you will get used to it, reflashing takes about 20 min all. Quite easy if you have an XP box, don't care about warranty issues, and have downloaded the firmware files and read the HOWto's.

PS I go the Italian firmware, upgrade to xxIG2 (fixed AAC .mp4 camera audio) route...

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If, at the moment of the backup, the messages were in C:, it's very likely that restore will put them back in C:, regardless of what you've set as a storage for messages. Here's what I would do if I were you:
1) hard reset
2) restore only messages (you can restore the rest later)
3) go to settings, and set e: as storage for messages
If all goes well, at this point the phone will ask you two questions:
a) do you want to copy all current messages to e: (yes)
b) do you want to erase all messages from c: (YES!)
This should free some space in c:. Proceed to restore everything else (except messages!).

From your comments in this and other threads it looks like your phone may have some hardware problem. My advice to you would be to flash back the original Orange fw and let it sit with that for a while. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where the hardware problem has deteriorated to the point that you can't keep your phone stable enough to flash the Orange fw, and you have to bring it back to the Orange service center while it's still running the Italian fw.


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