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How to: Manage IMAP Folders in Nokia Messaging

Asri al-Baker steps up to the pedestal with a brief tutorial on setting up IMAP folders and Gmail labels in the new Nokia Messaging application. Look out for more 'how to's for Nokia Messaging in the near future.

Read on in the full article.

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Nokia Messaging is all very well... but they're going to start charging for the service in the future so that puts me right off. I've settled with redirecting all mail into Gmail, labelling mail from different accounts separately, and using the Gmail Java S60 app.

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I tried setting up IMAP folder but it does not let me do it, so I will stay with my ME.COM account from Apple. It works and never fails.

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still doesn't win me over. i have been using profimail for some months now on the 5800 and works flawlessly (well, the rendering of web links leave much to be desired but for the sake of reading and receiving emails on the go, it is all good)

i find nokia messaging quite slow in the UI, and for some reason kept downloading my messages when i had exited the program already. probably a problem with my setup but didn't bother to figure it out until it becomes much more easier to configure, or profimail loses me

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Great article - nice and straight forward!

Personally, I'm loving Nokia Messaging, it works great with my Google Apps email address on my N95. It's not perfect, but when you're getting push/imap email for free you can't really complain!

It'll be interesting to see how Nokia manage to charge for this and keep their user number up though...

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I agree with unregistered that ProfiMail is great. I have it set up with several accounts and it just works. Nokia Mail is another half assed attempt by Nokia. It is rubbish for any serious user.

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doesnt work

I followed the instruction step by step, but i dont see my facebook label in my phone. What gives?

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Interestingly, I have an Ovi Mail account set up on Profimail, and for the last couple of weeks it's been showing an error saying that the server doesn't support IMAP IDLE. Maybe Nokia are going to only allow the full use of Ovi Mail via Nokia Messaging...?

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I have tried and tried but I think that Apple's MobileMe is not compatible with Nokia Messaging when using IMAP.

I can get a few folders to show up, but the remainder simply are not there.

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No IMAP folders on the device...

Despite following these instructions, there are no additional folders showing on the device. I've got a feeling that messages over 3 days old just don't show up and therefore the folders aren't there either?

What does this offer that the default messaging client doesn't? Apart from looking prettier? Set to sync at "soonest" and it's really hit and miss. It's not always up to date with the actual mailbox and therefore it would be easier and more accurate to just set the default client to check every 15 mins - which then actually happens.

Not convinced I'm going to stick with this for much longer - and I certainly couldn't justify paying for it.

Blackberry's the way to go I guess if proper push email's what you want?

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How to handle "Mail for Exchange" folders?

How to handle "Mail for Exchange" folders? I have rules setup for moving the arriving mails to different folders, but via "Mail for Exchange" I only get the mails in "inbox." Thanks in advance to any with an answer.

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Followed the directions and didn't see any folders added to my drop down list. Had 2 recent emails in my inbox and 2 older messages in my "archived messages" folder. Signed onto ovi mail webpage and moved the 2 messages from inbox to folder. After doing this, the "archvied" folder now appears in the "messaging" client's drop down list, but it only contains the 2 more recent messages. I have read somewhere that this program ignores older messages.

I find that the nokia appliactions, while having some interesting features etc, are usually handicapped to a point of being rendered useless. If I travel overseas and slap in a local sim card for temporary use, I suddenly loose access to email and chat. That's just plain silly. Google's half baked email application and all the various instant messaging applications out there (nimbuzz, palringo, etc) do not have this issue - only the nokia apps. Why?

Used the word "messaging" or some variation of it quite a few times in this message - heh, perhaps someone at nokia / ovi will get the message?

Keep trying guys, you do do some things right.


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