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Nokia Internet Video Tablet

A lot of people want to watch video on their phone but find some video converters to be a bit confusing and overcomplicated, or they don't work properly. If you're looking for a "converter for dummies" that works with S60 devices you might want to try Nokia's rather overlooked Internet Tablet Video Converter. It's available for both Windows and Mac, it's totally free, and should work with all current S60 devices despite its Linux tablet heritage. It seems to work especially well with the Nokia 5800 as it has the same 16:9 screen shape as the tablets, and a somewhat similar resolution too.

Read more.
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thanks for the info,though on my N810 I see no need for the converter,pratically all my vidz play perfect on my tablet.If not,an excellent 3rd party app is just round the corner...

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Just watched Star Wreck on a 5800, played flawlessly all the way through, and I didn't lose any notches on the battery meter either. This is the first phone where I'm really getting into watching videos, it's got enough battery stamina and it's got a good enough screen too.

One thing to note which I forgot to put in the news item, some films (such as Star Wreck) are extra-wide screen so they may not be fully visible even on a 16:9 device. You can zoom out by going to the video player's options menu, and selecting "change aspect ratio" until it says "original", which will display the entire film in a letterbox format.

on my N810 I see no need for the converter,pratically all my vidz play perfect on my tablet.If not,an excellent 3rd party app is just round the corner...
The N810 and the 5800 both have good compatibility, but there are still some formats (such as Xvid) which they cannot play natively, hence the need for the converter. Converters are also useful if you want to reduce a much larger file intended for TV sets into one that is suitable for smaller screens.

Third party converter apps are usually best, and if you're comfortable using them then go for it, but they do tend to be very complicated, which is why I'm trying to let people know about the Tablet Converter app.

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You have got SmartMovie. I watch all my movies on that. Ofcourse, my N82 does not give me the big screen experience but no complaints as far as the software goes. I can load upto 100 movies on my 8 gig card. And i use Steve's version of DT 29.

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Straying off-topic, but I've been struggling recently with audio conversion. I used to be able to convert MP2 DAB radio programmes for playing later on my phone, but recently, I can't get this to work on any conversion utility. Whatever settings I choose, I end up with a file that's twice the size of the original MP2 and plays back at really slow speed. Is this something the BBC are doing deliberately to their MP2 streams, perhaps?

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I've been using this software for a while now, works well. I usually use it if i need something converted quickly as MediaCoder (my preferred converter) is soooooo slow. However, the converted videos from the Nokia software don't fit my E90 screen, there are large black bars either side.

I also have SmartMovie and Core Player on the E90 and will use those if i don't have time to convert the media. But as these 'convert' on the fly it makes the video slow, jerky, and often out of sync with the audio.

I guess there's no perfect solution for my E90. ;-)

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You should use ERight Super converter. It is absolutely spot on. It is a little techy but most of the poeple using these forums should be able to work it out. Best of all, it is free. search for erightsoft in google.

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No need for conversion at all if you use coreplayer! As a test I dumped a full res, DVD quality almost 400MB DIVX encoded TV show straight onto my 8GB Sandisk Ultra 2 MicroSD card. No conversion whatsoever (e.g. for res. or framerate etc.). I then plugged my N82 into a largeish TV with TV out and got coreplayer to play the file. Using Coreplayer v1.2.0 it initially stuttered quite badly. So in Coreplayer I then selected Menu->Tools->Preferences->Select Page->Video and set Video Quality to Medium.

This resulted in basically a more or less DVD quality experience on a big screen telly, with no conversion or extra hardware. I pluuged into the scart socket of the TV using a phono-scart adaptor (few quid off Ebay). Needless to say it looked fine just on the phone screen too.

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But Coreplayer can't make use of the full TV-out resolution like Realplayer does, right? (I can't test it at the moment) So it can hardly be DVD-quality, at QVGA res. Plus, at least on the screen of my N82, the image at medium quality setting is a lot less sharp.

The best quality output I have been able to get is by converting to MP4, at about 1000mb/s, >20fps and with 640x480 (or 640x368 for widescreen movies). This really does approach DVD quality, and Realplayer on the N82 has no problem playing it over TV-out.
And now that I have a 16Gb card I use this setting on all movies, so I can always use TV-out if 'needed'.
I use either Super or MediaCoder. The latter is faster actually.

Slightly off-topic: lately I had some stuttering on video playback. I suspect it is due to the 16Gb card filling up. Some comments anyone? I'm on V20 firmware

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Looking for playback specs

Got the 5800 today, it's great.
What would be the highest quality settings for the 5800 with smooth playback?


Video codec:
-what's best supported: h.263 xvid/divx, or h.264?
-Best Screen resolution
-Best Bitrate

Audio codec:
-supported: mp3 or aac?
-CBR or VBR or ABR?

-supported: .avi, .mp4, .mkv?

I'm a heavy N800 user, and the best converter for it is PSVideoConvert, a second effort by the author of Nokia Video Converter.

For the N800, I've gotten best video encodes with meGUI using:
Video: XVID, no B-frames, 512kb/sec, 400x240res, 2pass.
Audio: mp3 128kb CBR
Container: .avi

Thanks for any help here,

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How strange!

I bought my Wife a Viewty 5 months or so ago (a VERY under-rated phone IMO), converted some .avi movies using the bundled DiVX converter and put them on her phone. They played just fine.

A couple of days ago i dropped one of the converted movies onto my E90 and played it (via the DiVX player). It automatically played full screen with absolutely no problem at all!

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Dear Steve, do you know where else can I download the Nokia Internet Tablet Video Converter? It seems unavailable at th Nokia Beta Labs already.


internet, nokia, tablet, video

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