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Hard reset 3650

I know it will sound a stupid question, but how do you factory reset the 3650? I tried the *#7370#, it tells me it will reset and the phone will restart, then asks me the lock code, which I enter. Then nothing. I waited over two hours and it sits there. The power button seems to be functioning no more, but if I take the battery out, put it back and turn on the power, the date is reset, but that's it. The contacts, settings (like GPRS, BT paired devices) are all there.

Am I missing something?



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you need to have your phone be diagnose in service centers. the firmware you're using is not responding anymore to such procedure which shouldn't be the case.
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Re: Hard reset 3650

To what I've know that,

1. Removed your MMC card first.

2. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery before performing the

" Safe Mode, and follow-by phone reset *#7370# ". Or maybe you can have the

charger on and plugged into the phone to act as a full power source.

3. Press and hold the ABC key and then press the power button.
Remember not to release the ABC key till you seen the
"Safe Mode" standby screen.

(Fyi, there's no special indicator that telling yo're on a "Safe Mode"
standby screen.)

4. Once in the "Safe Mode" stanby screen press *#7370# to carry-out "Phone Reset"

5. Once "Phone Reset" task completed and back to normal standby screen again,
switch off your phone and re-insert your MMC card.

If any error showing on the phone boot-up, please have the memory card formatted and by next phone
start-up you will not have the error msg again.

If you some important data or programs files on your MMC card, please use
a card reader to have them copied onto a pc before performing memory card

Basically, the abc trick, i think, means that when your phone doesn't start up
anymore because of a system error, you keep the abc button pressed, and it will
start up...
type *#7370# and enter security code (standart 12345).
Make sure the phone is charged or pluged in and don't remove the cell.
The format will take several minutes.

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ANd what if i got the error in wich my phone only displays the nokia logo 4 times and then powers off when turned on.
The trck with the abc key doesn't seem to work with me any other solutions?

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Then you have to send/take it to your nearest Nokia authorized repair center.

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Same prob for me! Help!

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My phone manual showed a routine where you choose a return to default by the menus with no need to press codes. Is you phone able to use the icons or too messed up? Nokia phones like the 3650 and other symbian phones are junk in my opinon. The lack of stability and difficulity of using bluetooth to transfer data is worth it. Future phones should be more stable but testing the phones on the public is really hurting their market share and reputation.

Nokia 3650 (I'll be getting my 4th replacement in 6 months in the mail shortly) 8-26-04

ps don't rule out getting rid of the phone and starting over with someting like the superior motorola v300 - just get the data kit. Better quality/price and rock solid.
The whole nokia symbian OS thing has been a disaster for nokia. Same with bluetooth - have you noticed how few other manufactures are adopting either standard? The bulk of the phones being sold are non BT and non symbian os.

Why would you send the phone to Nokia? They officially deny there are any problems like yours or mine except to say they never heard of it or that it must be the battery is bad or loose or they simply have nothing to say. The product has inherient defects that firmware update /software will NOT solve.

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help please....

can you explain again the safe mode in 3650? what i9f i 4got my lock code it is effective to use safe mode for hard format with out lock code? tnx. advance

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If you forgot your lock code, send or take your phone to the nearest authorized Nokia service center. They can help.


3650, hard, reset

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