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Hi all,

Something strange just happend to my Nokia 9210. Yesterday i fully charged it. (i never turn it off) anyways it was working fun the whole day untill i reashed home and suddenlly it went off !!@@ i thought i might have turned it off by accident but then i notesd that also the PDA was off too ?? i tried removing the battery but still no hope>> the last thing i did was i used the house charger and it started charging !! and the PDA worked then after 5 minutes it stoped charging (it became full) !!! any ideas [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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That's not a battery issue, check the firmware on your phone (*#0000# on the front) and let us know what version you have. As for the problem, sometimes the Nokia can just switch itself off, mine has done that once before. There was no reason to do it as I had 3 bars left on the battery but never mind that. The only way to bring it back online is to plug it in a charger, or to short out the battery terminals on the phone with a coin or other piece of metal. (Don't short out the terminals on the battery [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img])
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version 4.13 the latest. mine had 4 bars .. because i charged it last night @@ i just wanted to make sure that its not a fualt in the device. it looks ok now.. i have to see tommrow if it does the same thing.

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Mine went dead too. I think it is because the SIM card had worked it's way slightly lose and that cause the phone to kill itself. I removed and replaced the SIM card, and it worked fine.

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My phone went dead several times. I was able to revive it by pluging it in a power supply! I tried to change the sim, to upgrade the firmware but the problem still apears about once a month!

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It may be a coincidence but when I first had my phone I had a couple of lockouts like this then they stopped. Its been fine for a couple of months and I've just recently had another lock up.
When I first had the phone I played the Card Deck game which seems to error (program not whole phone) often. I just tried Card Deck again (it still errored) just before the last lock up.
Anyone else had problems with Card Deck? It is a Nokia supplied routine after all!


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I'm on ver 3.54 'cos i'm worried to upgrade unless i know it's worth it. On the whole it works, it does most of the things it should. But it keeps switching off and rebooting on it's own, then fails to recognise my sim card until i reboot it manually, leaving my phone inactive until i notice it. And the card deck has never worked right! And there's never enough memory to open semi complicated picture files unless i reboot. [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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