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Old 26-10-2008, 01:55 AM
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DChoc Cafe Solitaire 12 Pack: The All About N-Gage Review

Patience/Solitaire is one of the most played computer games on the planet, so it's perhaps inevitable that the N-Gage platform has finally got its own version of the genre. But how good is DChoc Cafe Solitaire, and will it get us addicted the way Windows' Freecell always seemed to? Click on the link to read AAN's review and find out.

Read on in the full article.

Old 26-10-2008, 01:57 AM
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Did anyone else see this darkened cafe effect?

Old 26-10-2008, 03:43 AM
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Hi Tzer,
Good review!! I think this game is going to sell a lot not because it is some Hi-Fi game but just because it is just Solitaire.

Also Tzer, do you a have any idea if Nokia is going to release a new Ngage Gaming device in their Game Summit this Month ? and when is AAS going to bring us the review about the N85 and N79, Over here in India its already released some time back !!!

One more thing is that I feel ngage should release a good Cricket Game, India is a Cricket crazy Country and a good Cricket game will definatley sell in India !!! What say !!

Old 26-10-2008, 11:12 AM
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the rumour about the thirteenth game is true i read it on digital chocolates site ,it's called ceaser . you can also find it written in the game manual here
if you cant see manuals for all games change location to US at bottom of screen then just re-open link (some games even have NGP guides)

back to solitaire i think you might have to beat all the games , getting all items ,winning all modes etc to unlock it ,i'll let you know if i do it lol
i like the game ,it's better than i expected and is the ideal game to play when waiting for a bus or on dinner break etc
Soccer players do it for 90 minutes in 11 different positions.

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Old 26-10-2008, 01:18 PM
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Ashwyn7, from what I understand Nokia won't do a gaming-oriented phone until the new N-Gage platform has established itself on ordinary phones. I could be totally wrong of course, but that's the impression I've got from them. If N-Gage does well during 2009, maybe we can expect a gaming-oriented model in 2010? That's just me guessing though, I haven't been told anything directly.

Regarding the N85 and N79, they've been out for some time here in Europe too. I'll ask around for when we can expect them to be reviewed on AAS.

On Cricket, yes, totally agree that N-Gage should do such a game. I've been saying this a very very long time. I voted for it on the official feedback site, and so should you:

I think the problem is that N-Gage staff tend to be Finnish and American, so they don't really know about Cricket. They think it's an obscure sport, they don't realise that more people follow Cricket than golf, basketball, tennis or baseball.

It's especially important for Nokia because India (with a population of 1 billion) is Nokia's second largest market, bigger than America or any European country. There is a LOT of potential for Cricket games on Nokia phones.

Old 26-10-2008, 03:27 PM
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Another vote for Cricket here.

N79 and N85 reviews - we'll get to them as soon as possible. In the means time there are previews which are, in themselves, quite detailed.

DChoc game is similar games to Astraware's Solitaire in some ways, though it doesn't have the Cafe system and is a bit more expensive. Does make you think that some of Astrware's more gameplay led offerings might do well under the N-Gage brand though.

Not sure whether I'll get this game - I like card games though so may be it would be a good one for travelling with.
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Old 27-10-2008, 12:44 PM
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I was positevly surprised by the game.
To be honest I expected worst series of poker grade game. Cafe Solitaire broke that expectation.
Its not the best game ever, but it's better than a average card game.
I like the customization options and the neat time of day effects.
I just started it up today and the game had put up a halloween theme! Thats cool.
Pretty much the only thing its missing is real player interaction. Yup, live chat would be nice.

Old 27-10-2008, 04:24 PM
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Shadowspawn, apparently on most DChoc Cafe games you can play against other people in the cafe, but of course you can't do that on Cafe Solitaire or Cafe Sudoku. I hope they release Cafe Poker, which was announced but weirdly isn't on the showroom list yet, as that would allow multiplayer in the cafes.

The graphical touches in Cafe Solitaire are really nice, and twelve games plus the cafe system for 7 euros is pretty good value (it's about half the price of Astraware Solitaire for example).

Old 28-10-2008, 09:55 AM
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oh right, you asked why the cafes are dark. It depends on the time of day.
I noticed that during one point it was really bright, and other time it was dark. I'm not sure does it use the phones clock or does it change when it synchronises with the server. If its the latter, I don't know what countries clock it goes by.
Anyways thats another nice detail.

Old 28-10-2008, 03:37 PM
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I think you're right shadowspawn, it seems to be brighter during the day.

The problem is that the lighting effect doesn't really work IMHO, it just seems like the screen's brightness has been turned down too far. It doesn't make much sense either cos there are lamps all around the cafe. :-)

Maybe a better idea would have been to just replace the graphics of the cafe windows, so they have darkness during the night?


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