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Question 3rd Party GPS Software?

Thanks for this review Steve, very helpful. As I understand the GPS navigation function charges a subscription fee, which doesn't appeal to me at all. I currently have tomtom mobile on my 6300: does anyone know if this will work with the internal GPS on the 6220?

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No, it wont.

Any other software will though, tomtom are the only company not to make it compatible.

Its also possible it will not run on a FP2 device at all.

Old 25-08-2008, 08:10 PM
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Thumbs up 20 contract

I just got this on a 20 contract with 400 mins and 500 txts. Couldnt be happier.

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Best deal I have seen for this is 3. You get 300 mins or texts (any mixture) and 1Gb worth of data for 25 a month, plus handset free.

Very difficult to beat that when you need data.

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Have just sent my second 6220 Classic back to Orange, both due to faulty keypads. Lets face it, the quality is terrible. It is such a shame because other than that I really did like the phone and I think Nokia has missed a trick here.

Because of this phone I find myself put off Nokia as they seem to demand high prices and have poor quility. Samsung are looking good!

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please help does this phone have accelerometer

hi please help does this phone have accelerometer so i can use RotateMe

Old 20-09-2008, 07:54 PM
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There's no such thing as a free phone

"see this as a free Nokia": Are people still that ignorant (rhetorical)?

The 6220 seems to be a nice phone though, and I'm considering it as it has GPS and 3 offers 8 GB Flash, for a very competitive bundle price.

My only concern is the keypad. I text a lot (despite my age).

Must be one of the smallest Series 60 phones around.


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Screen problem.

I recieved a 6220 classic last week and am liking it an awful lot. Only problem is the plastic screen seems to have a swirly marks on it. Not sure what to do, it is from three, I have ordered a screen protector kit and case for it to try and take care of it.

Should I get in touch with 3 and return it to them? Or will they not accept it back at this point?

Thanks for any help


Old 01-10-2008, 04:22 AM
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Talking Allanlee

The 6220 is prob the best phone I have had in the last 3 years, beeing phone obsessed I have had a couple.
Its a small compact phone that has all the features, A-GPS, 5 meg cam, easy to text and use the key pad.

Unlike 850i: had three all sent back, poor reception, poor software and a horrible to navigate.
Viewty: Big, bulky, have to work for NASA to opperate it, horrible to scroll and navigate and youl be lucky if the battery last a day...

The battery on the 6220 last around three days, with a fast and efficant stand by

The software system is simple and fantastic to navigate.

Predictive texting is fantastic "yes im one of those that uses it"!

Its is small

"yes"! it does not have WI FI, but with a computer on my desk at work and wireless at home it is easer surfing the internet on a lap top, no?

Size well the n95 8g is big, you can put a 8g memory card in the 6220......

Brill Brill brill to Nokia, remembering the old 5110 back in those days or the c25........

Old 23-10-2008, 09:18 PM
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I remain unconvinced

I had two brushes with Nokia smartphones and the symbian operating system and I wouldn't trust this model to a) keep its plastic cover on or b) allow you to talk for more than ten minutes or download a few football results without draining the battery. Yes its all very sleek and modern but is it? I love Nokia phones and have returned to using a mid-price wap-enabled, Bluetooth 2 Series 40 phone that cost me 30 with no problems. Granted, I'm not the sort of guy who wi-fi's about but then I have a busy job where phones aren't allowed! I just don't think 3G phones have come into their own yet, certainly not regarding battery power. And can someone post an alert at some point about a Symbian phone where the text in a message is able to be read by people over 35? Good luck with this phone, it looks great and the apps are cool, but don't expect your money back if it busts. My N73's joystick broke off the day I bought it and I got no help whatsoever from Nokia, the netweork provider, or any local store. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you are warned!

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battery cover

the flimsy battery cover is a problem: i broke one of the plugs on the cover the first time i used it

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More on battery life?

Got a 6220 coming tomorrow and would like to know what people are finding with battery life.

This is with O2, 35pm - and I have no choice about the service, cos O2's is the only decent reception I get here.

I'll largely be using the 6220 just as phone (with some business-related camera stuff), so, hopefully, that might give folk a way of telling me what battery life to expect.

I'm not planning to use much of the fancier stuff to any great degree - though only time will tell - but I wanted that available just in case and, in fact, would have liked WiFi.

However, the absence of WiFi didn't seem a massive downer - I'm sure I'm not going to be able to resist buying a netbook portable PC for much longer.

That will typically be with me when I'm out and about (accompanied by a wireless dongle that came with a 10pm contract from 3) and will, I hope, also be suitable for quick-and-easy internet connectivity while, for instance, watching TV or in bed.

Thanks in anticipation.


Bob Crabtree
DVdoctor and

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A month old user of the 6220C wants to know if it would be advisable to
download a music player like "Handy" , "Ultra" or any any other freeware - kindly recommend -
available on the net.. Or should I stick with the built in player supplied by Nokia..??

Anup Pondy India..

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Question Nokia 6220 classic

3 is offering me free upgrade on my existing contract -N95 (old) or 6220. any suggesstions

Old 20-02-2009, 06:13 PM
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just got this phone 18 a month on virgin fantastic for the price


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