All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Psiloc Connect patches S60 Internet access hole

Psiloc Connect looks to be, as Symbian In Motion says, 'the app we've all been waiting for'. Creating its own unique access point, this then (behind the scenes) tries all your valid Wi-Fi access points and then (optionally) presses on down towards 3G/GPRS/EDGE etc. For much more on Psiloc Connect, you might as well start with SIM's write up.

Read on in the full article.

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drm protection


does it come with psiloc drm copy-protection ?! if so i will not buy it - as much i would like to have it - it messes up the phone and slows it down unnecessarily !


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-miniME-: yes, it does use the DRM application from psiloc.

I just tried the free 10 day trial. It worked fine for the S60 internet browser and Opera Mini. However, when I defined the Psiloc Connect access point for the Mail for Exchange-app or a normal email inbox, it always used the 3G connection - even though the WLAN would have been available. Strange, I hope this improves in future versions.

Also, from what I just found out, Psiloc limits each application to one IMEI and does not allow transfers. I wouldn't want to re-buy the same software again and again just because I got a different device. That's a pity, I've been waiting for an application like that as well.

Does FP2 finally add the E-Series access point groups to N-series devices?

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This sounds like exactly what you need for Realplayer. Realplayer annoys me continuously by having one fixed access point rather than either a) Using whatever is currently started, or b) Asking the user which access point they want to use.

It's been that way since forever, and since youtube has had a mobile version it's been bugging me.

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And what about the What? guessing app? I almost guessed what the new app would be but now there's nothing about these promised free licensed to winners.

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You don't have to buy it again if you have a new device. Just write a mail to psiloc's support.
P. S. Psiloc DRM CS don't affect performance of your mobile phone in a significant and visible way. Unless you have 5500 or E50

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Thumbs down


not only is it a pity that Psiloc-connect on my E90 can't use wifi access points that use more advanced forms of authentication like PEAP, it also stops you from using these access points manually while the application is installed.

I think a little more testing prior to release might have been in order :(

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Tried and removed. Connect is unable to offer what Devicescape offers, that is seamless access at wifi spots. It might be able to detect wifi and if not available use 3G but if wifi is available, it can't integrate with Devicescape, which is a far more useful product.
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