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Beware of Nokia 6120 classic!

This is my sad story with the Nokia 6120c.

First of all let me explain that Im not a Symbian newcomer, 6120c has been my third Symbian s60, so Im pretty familiar with such toys.
I bought my 6120 classic for christmas, because the feature set and the weight seemed impressive for the price point ( arround 250 euro ).
My first impression was that althoutgh the mobile was fast and nice, the build quality was worse than my previous S60s (N70 and n-gage). This was specially evident in some plastic pieces: The battery cover was like 1mm loose in all directions and the plastic cover for the loudspeaker was a little weak also... But anyway I was pretty satisfied of my purchase.

After a couple of days the phone started to have random problems with the sound. The mobile vibrated but no sound appear from the loudspeaker neither from
the earpiece. The phone was not even able to reproduce sounds even in the music player or in the modes screen. The only way to recover It was to turn on and off the phone. And no! the phone was not in silent mode After searching on google I was able to find that it was not an isolated case, the net is full of such reports, References:

This is such annoying failure because you loose calls as you can not hear the caller, you need to reboot the phone and call later...
After 4 or 5 incidents in two weeks I started look for a new firmware after noticing that there was no new firmware in NSU. The only thing that I was able to find was that there was a new version 4.21 that appeared on early December but was pulled in a hurry from the NSU servers after 3 or 4 days ( I'm myself a firmware engineer and I know what this means ... ).


Last Monday January 7th tired of problems I returned to the shop and after explaining the story, the shop manager give me a new one. The funny thing was that he asked me if my Sim card was old. He claimed that the phone had problems with old sim cards... After googling a little i was able to find some references to that in Italian forums...

The new phone had also problems with plastic pieces, again the loose battery cover and now the memory card door was loose and produced a rattling noise on vibration... Again I could accept that, I wanted the mobile. After a week the phone has done the same than the previous one several times, today... 3 times!
Again I have checked for new firmware but the only thing that I have found is that Nokia has even pulled the support of 6120c from NSU. Hey this guys are having a real problem...
Not knowing what to do I have decided to give Nokia a late chance and call the care line in spain 902404414 to contact an operator and ask if the issue was known and Nokia was doing something. The guy seemed to know nothing, and was absolutely uninterested, the only answer was go to the care point and install new firmware. On my question of if there was a new firmware he answered that he did not know... He was unable to log a case to any escalation team, he said to me to send an email throught the web...
Tomorrow Im back to the shop to have a refund... I do not want another unit. Im totally dissapointed. Nokia you have lost a good customer, a fan...

For your info
Both mobiles were 6120c-1 rm-243 Firmware 3.83 B1.04, the sim is a brand new one from the spanish operator Yoigo and I am using a sandisk sd micro of 2GB.

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too late. I have bought this one

And now i am facing 3 problems:
1. The sound became muted when someone called me (sometime, not always), so i need to set volume up after accept the call and unlock the keypad lock to hear caller sound.
2. does not recognize phone numbers that stored in addressbook (sometime for some numbers)
3. Blank screen after idle > 3-4 hours. I can unlock the auto phone lock, I can
do calling, BUT, I can't see anything on my screen, just blank. I had to shut it off and then turn it on.

Those 3 problems are known problem which I could found on nokia forum or another cellphone forum talking about 6120c.

I heard from some people, usually they brought their phones to Nokia Service Center but Nokia's people just updated its firmware which usually doesnt help too.

For those who experience the blank screen after a couples of hours idle, don't activate auto phone lock. This is only the temporary solution. Dont know if update the firmware will help, it may lead to another problem, I guess.

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What? Does this mean that the 6120c NEVER should blank the screen, or is the problem just that you can't get the display back on?

The little missus has the 6120c and her's blank the screen after a few minutes. She has no problem getting the diplay to run on again, but it kinda defeats the purpose of the Handy Weather's nice screensaver, that I bought for her :(

I figured it was just supposed to go blank after some minutes - was I wrong?

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story short

Bought one three months ago,Vodafone Romania branded. v3.83.Noticed the bad quality of the plastic as well...but...i wanted it.
Two days ago noticed that my calendar was simply gone and my stanby apps were nowhere to be found.Just like this guy:
After a number of restarts i kinda got the stanby apps to show up,but that all went away when i took out the mem card out...
So yesterday i took it to the service and i hope they'll fix it(but with the 4.21 withdrew i guess they'll just roll it back to 3.70)

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Not a single 6120c user knows if their screen goes blank after a few minutes? I am amazed...

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Actually the screen can get back BUT after aroung 10-15 minutes after the last keypress.

This forum is discussing about this issue.

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Okay now that is weird because I have the same phone and thanks to GOD its working absolutely fine! I love my phone <3

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I have had the 6120C for 6 months now with no problems. I am sorry to hear about the others, and hope mine continues to function without issues.

Regarding the blank screen, mine does that after a few seconds. First the backlight will go off, then a bar will appear showing the date and time, and after a few seconds that disappears as well. As soon as I hit any keypad button, the standby screen immediately lights up.

You can change the timing on these events by going to Settings/General/Personalisation/Display and then changing the time for Power saver time-out and Light time-out.

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Some people have the misfortune to buy a phone from a faulty batch. Returning their phone to the store doesn't solve the issue, 'cos they simply get a replacement phone from the same batch.

And then they search google, find some people with similar issues, and assume that everybody suffers from the same problems. The vast majority of 6120c buyers don't have any issues with their phone, but since a functional phone is no reason for posting on a forum it seems that the world is filled with faulty 6120 classics.

Replace "6120c" with any other model from any other manufacturer and you'll get exactly the same story: a small number of faulty phones is way more visible than the vast majority of phones that work as advertised.

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