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N95 fans
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N95 Series My Choice

Since the launching of the N95 models, I has been attracted to it until I finally own one and it really a fantastic phone. Almost all task can be done with it and the display is remarkable esspecially in the photos and video I taken. Surely this phone really step out among other models available.

Now with the launching of the new N95 8GB, I also able to own one and it also a remarkable phone esspecially with its big screen and stylish design. The only thing that might disappoint me is the lack of microSD slot and the shutter cover of the rear camera but the rest is awesome.

I my own personal opinion, the only device that might out stand this phone maybe the apple iPhone (maybe).

Old 14-02-2009, 02:19 PM
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Thumbs down

Good review.
I'm wondering if it was based on others' experience or you actually used one of these for more than a day? Why? Because I have a Nokia N95 8GB (NAM or N95-4 version). This is one of the worst phone I have ever had, and I had plenty.
Why? Because a phone is only good if you can use it and in this case he battery dies every day after barely using the phone - 1 hr talking. That's it, that's all it needs, an hour and it is dead. Since it is in a case it shuts off without me even noticing so I missed calls thanks to this overpriced calculator. I don't know maybe this is because of the fact that everything we got here in the US is cheap crap, no quality (clothing, cars, buildings..etc.) maybe only the NAM ver. is crap idk, but then there is the fact that no lens cover and the phone is a fingerprint magnet, slow, lugging software, takes several seconds just to start the phone from keylock. I click on contacts and takes 5 sec to start with only 20 ppl in it, btw I have the newest firmware. Called NOKIA USA and they said this phone has no auto rotate. A 500 USD (BestBuy sells it over 650) has no auto rotate in 2008. Bravo! It has 16mill color because there is absolutely no need for that, it has double slider because it is completely pointless but has no lens cover, slow, no auto rotate, the software is full w/ bugs, refuse to connect -no gw reply problem -, very expensive, browsing is a pain, gps slow, no card!, to transfer your content (pictures, music, movies..etc) you have to have a cable with you all the time, battery is only good for a day if barely use it, if you use the gps, wifi, and/or watching a 30 min movie you need to charge TWICE a day! I bought it because I belived in reviews like this one and can't stand the 2mp no AF crappy Iphone. They said this 95-4 is the king.. where? In ... (I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings) but unless you get it for free think twice or make sure you have a chance to return it before you commit to keep it.

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good review steve. It was well set out and i quite enjoyed reading it. GOOD JOB!

Old 14-03-2009, 10:26 AM
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Runs out of memory

This phone is not good. You can only use the Phone memory and not the 8 GB memory. You get about 750k of phone memory and this can be backed up to the 8GB but further backup overwrites the original backup. So you can only ever use less than 1 GB of the 8GB it claims to have.

To store music and video on the 8GB you have to upload it from your computer. The phone will not allow you to download over 1 GB via the phones wireless etc. If you are in to podcasts then this limitation is vital and crippling.

I listen to podcasts daily, record phone conversations, video and photos and I am not very happy that I can not use the full 8GB. I get messages that force me to delete treasured items so I can continue to use the phone.

I think the 8GB is misleading false advertising and I feel like writing to Nokia to demand my money back.

Old 16-07-2009, 03:19 AM
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it has been ages since N95 8GB's released..
but nevertheless it's still a wonderful phone even until now

i accidentally read this review:

which again lead to your review Steve, about N95 8GB being the best phone ever made..
impressive =D

Old 17-10-2009, 05:48 PM
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Question N95 8gb

I've had my Nokia since January and I'm finding my screen keeps going blank.
Is this a fault with the 8GB?
It was working great then all of a sudden it went totally blank. I had to take out the battery, re-insert it and eventually it came back on. That was 5 days ago and it's still going blank.
Its as if theres a problem with the slide.
Anyone else having any problems?

Otherwise I love this phone.

Old 28-11-2009, 12:59 PM
Adil Adam
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N95 8gb

Ive had the N95 nearly 2 years and still no problems. Honestly no scratch or dent. No paint falling off or anything. Battery is still the same and lasts for 5 days. It may sound like a lie but it aint. Its the best mobile phone ive ever had out of 5 mobiles. Rating for me 11 out of 10. Its that good

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Nokia N95 8GB

I have had the Nokia N95 8GB for a couple of years now and I find it a really good phone.

It does everything I want from a Smartphone and unlike the i-phone can run several apps at the same time.

I have had it playing MP3 songs, watching clips on mobile Youtube, playing games, web browsing with no real problems in terms of memory.

My phone is kept in a soft pouch style case so as this case is soft inside the exposed camera lens isn't scratched. I did drop the phone once but all that happened was a very small mark on the edge of the screen surround.

Yes I know it doesn't have a touchscreen but I am sure it is a more powerful phone than the i-phone.

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- The keypad is cramped
- The T9 text entry is dreadful
- It loves to lump media files into one long, long list
- Built in browser is appallingly slow
- The headphone socket is in an odd place, and the remote cable doesn't have a right angle plug
- The active standby screen isn't very flexible.
- Has buttons I never use (did you know there was another gallery button on the side?)
- Can't select different tones for different alarms
- Slow USB
- No RDS

and I still think it's overall the best phone nokia have made.

- solidly built
- nice screen
- satisfying to hold
- can be used one handed
- great speakers
- usable camera
- quick GPS
- lots of good apps
- batteries ok (as long as you close apps properly)

So many things I don't like, and I'm still finding it hard to choose a replacement that can do so much.

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